7 “Sexual Life” Cold Facts About the Differences Between Men and Women That Cannot Be Ignored

Sex life is not only for procreation, but also has beneficial effects on health. A fulfilling sexual life can create positive emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as release endorphins – a natural painkiller. There are many benefits of having a healthy sex life, far too many to list here. Why not learn some interesting facts about sex life?

What are some common knowledge about sex life?

It is impossible to lose weight through sexual activity.

It is widely circulated that one-time sexual life consumes a lot of calories, equivalent to running 3000 meters. However, research has found that the energy consumed during sexual life is not much, at most 550 kcal of heat can be consumed, so it is impossible to lose weight through sexual life. In addition, too frequent sexual life can cause a series of problems, such as decreased libido, impotence or premature ejaculation.

After sex, smoking a cigarette will affect sexual performance.

Many men like to smoke a cigarette after sex, which is actually bad for their bodies and affects the penis. The penis gets erect due to the blood that enters the corpus cavernosum; if there is not enough blood flow, it will affect erection. After sexual intercourse, the body’s blood flow increases quickly; smoking a cigarette afterwards will allow harmful substances in cigarettes to be quickly absorbed by the body. Nicotine in particular stimulates the brain center and causes smooth muscle contraction of the corpus cavernosum, eventually leading to reduced blood flow to the penis.

Women don’t care so much about penis size.

Almost all men care about the size of their penis. Generally, when erect it is 12.4 cm and when flaccid it is 7.1 cm; so as long as you are within this range there is no need to be ashamed. In reality, what women care most about is whether the penis can remain firm and last long.

The first sexual experience does not necessarily involve bleeding.

Whether bleeding occurs during the first sexual intercourse is related to the hymen, which has a hole in the middle. Every woman is different, with different numbers, sizes and shapes of holes. The bleeding when waking up for the first time is caused by tearing of the hymen. Generally, with age increasing, the hymen will become thinner and more elastic, so there is no guarantee that bleeding will occur during the first sexual intercourse. Therefore, it cannot be determined whether a woman is a virgin or not based on whether there is any bleeding during her first sexual experience.

Masturbation will not cause impotence or premature ejaculation.

Masturbation does not cause much harm to the body, and moderate masturbation can regulate mind and body, relieve sexual repression and desire. Erectile dysfunction and decreased libido caused by masturbation are only temporary, do not worry too much. However, it is important to master the frequency of masturbation.

There is no relation between dull hair growth and libido.

Some people think that the more pubic hair, the stronger sexual desire is, but there is no scientific evidence for this. Pubic hair growth is related to heredity and male hormones. Male hormones indeed do affect male sexuality, but it is not the only determinant factor.

Watching yellow movies will not cause impotence.

Watching pornographic movies not only does not cause impotence, but rather increases sexual desire in males. The only downside is that it is very different from real life, and if a male watches too many such movies, his self-confidence in his sexual life will decrease. Worst of all, it may lead to sexual apathy.

Warm Reminder:

Sex life is a matter between two people; it can only be completed through mutual cooperation between males and females. Occasional cases of impotence or premature ejaculation should not lead to despair nor carry too much mental pressure. If either occurs consistently, medical attention should be sought to determine the cause, and one should not take any strength-enhancing medications on their own.