7 Tips for Men to Master Delayed Ejaculation!

Women enter a state slower and have a longer time to reach climax, so they have certain requirements for the lasting power of men in sexual intercourse. If the man’s lasting power cannot meet their requirements, it will not only be a blow to his self-confidence, but also may affect the harmonious married life and even marital feelings. So how can men make themselves last longer? To have more lasting time, why not try the following tips.

Change positions

When the woman is in control, the stimulation to the man is smaller and it can delay ejaculation. However, it is not advisable to make her too intense, otherwise the man cannot bear it and his endurance will also decrease.

2. Change of location

After the lingering, it is best to switch the battlefields, such as the living room combing hair, bathroom, kitchen and so on, because the fresh environment can definitely stimulate the male desire to sprint again, and can lift his head faster.

3. Use a Condom

It is suggested here to use two or even three condoms to reduce stimulation of the penis. Although many men do not like using condoms, it is best to do so for safety and consideration of women. Moreover, if one generally has insufficient staying power, then they should certainly be used. By putting on two or three condoms, not only can contraception be performed but also friction on the penis can be reduced significantly, thus prolonging lovemaking time.

Press the urethra

If you find that your body is reacting too quickly during the process, try pressing the urethra on the back of the penis. This will reduce the blood in the penis and inhibit rapid ejaculation.

“Taste of Sport”

Do not hurry to insert when erecting. First, linger and move at the entrance of the vagina. When inserting, do not go too deep, just 2-3 cm inside the vagina is enough. Take small and rhythmic movements, which can make the other person unable to stop but also prevent the penis from becoming limp too soon.

Relax your mindset

As the saying goes, haste makes waste. In sex, the more you desire to delay your ejaculation time, the faster pleasure will come. Therefore, men should relax and take more foreplay, go slow.

Divide your attention appropriately.

When making love, it is possible to reduce the stimulation of genitals by distracting oneself appropriately. This way, men can have a longer duration. Of course, the distraction should be done skillfully; one can think of work and friends but not too much involvement, pay attention to her feelings in order to adjust the frequency and intensity of one’s action.

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