After a woman has sex, there are three possible reasons for bleeding:

1. Injury to the vagina due to friction and lack of lubrication;
2. Hormonal changes;
3. A sign of an underlying medical condition.
Sharing a bedroom is essential for married couples, yet many women experience bleeding after intercourse and become very anxious, thinking that they may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease. So what causes bleeding during or after intercourse? Friends who don’t know should talk to me in detail, instead of waiting until it really happens and not knowing how to solve it. What are the possible causes of bleeding after sex for women? First of all, there are many factors related to the vagina. If the bleeding is caused by the first time of intercourse, it means that it belongs to physiological virginity rupture, which is a normal phenomenon. Every woman’s first night will cause vaginal bleeding due to virginity rupture. In this case, usually it can be restored in about 100 minutes. If the bleeding is caused by excessive sexual intercourse or brutality, it may be due to damage of vagina such as laceration. This type of situation mostly occurs when forced sex. It is recommended to see a doctor as soon as possible. Secondly, many people are wondering why there will be vaginal bleeding during intercourse? Actually, it may be because inflammation has come knocking on the door. For example, cervicitis or cervicitis ulceration often cause abnormal menstrual blood and postcoital bleeding due to the injury of cervical caused by coitus; such as pelvic inflammation which would cause pelvic congestion and then lead to endometrial hemorrhage after coitus. Thirdly, what about tumor and cancer causing postcoital bleeding? It is said that 80% cervical cancer patients have postcoital bleeding but not too much blood loss. This is because there is vascular damage caused by coitus leading to blood loss ,so if there is frequent vaginal bleeding after sex ,it should be considered whether it’s caused by cancer . So here are the real reasons for vaginal bleeds after intercourse . When you have this kind of symptom , think about what factors leaded to this condition .If it’s your first time ,you don’t have to worry about it ,but if it indicates some inflammations ,you should take medical treatment immediately .