Analysis: What kind of woman do men really like?

What kind of woman do men like? This topic may seem old to some people, but from what I found online, there are probably many women who want to know about this.

Some people say that women who are outgoing, kind, and have a bright smile are the most popular among men. Is that really true? To answer this question, I have collected information from various sources and compiled the following points about what kind of woman men like:

1. Independent with personality

Economic independence is the basic requirement for mature women. The economically independent woman doesn’t have to flatter men to buy them something nice or put on make up in order to please them. With economic independence she can spend her money as she wishes without worrying about anyone’s opinion or feeling guilty when spending too much. Spiritual independence also means having her own independent space and rich life without relying on or clinging to men.

2. Charismatic and seductive beauty

While young girls might be passionate, it is only after years of cultivation that mature women can exude an intoxicating charm. Imitation will not work; it needs time and dedication to enjoy the sweet rewards. When you think of a mature woman, the first person that comes to mind might be Marilyn Monroe with her iconic charismatic pose which reveals great sensuality! So it seems that being sexy is an essential requirement for mature women!

3. Intelligent beauty

Generally speaking, describing a woman as intelligent implies she is not beautiful. But there are some women whose inner intelligence makes their plain faces equally attractive as those of beauties. Being “endowed with connotations, knowledge and confidence” equals “being charming”. An inner-aware woman has a greater appeal than physical beauty since her charm is enduring and lasting instead of fading away easily like flowers do. Reading her out loud will bring happiness instead of superficiality – this sensation won’t fade away easily either!

4. Confidence in being herself Mature women are skilled at hiding and revealing themselves; they know how to embellish themselves best since they understand themselves well; they don’t blindly follow others but abide by their own principles; they lead simple lives instead of acting pretentious; even if they already belong to mid-high income class, they still stay low-keyed and humble – what they pursue is genuine selfhoods indeed! A confident mature woman does not need artificial decorations – her aura radiates naturally forming an atmosphere which cannot be described in words!
Ultimately for both genders, being confident, generous, cheerful and optimistic will always be appreciated by people around us – so cherish yourself and love your life optimistically – then you will find your special him/her eventually!