At what time of day does a man have the strongest sexual capacity?

Many men find that their penis naturally rises upon waking in the morning, also known as morning wood. This is when men’s sexual performance is usually at its peak; they are energized and their minds are clear, distracted by neither worries nor obligations of life yet to come.

Although mornings may be the best time for men’s sexual performance, do women prefer it? Women need more time to get aroused, or in other words, while a man may be ready for sex right away upon waking up, a woman needs to finish her tasks before she can start to feel stimulated. A woman cannot keep up with a man’s pace, which often leads to an unbalanced sexual life. She also likes to look her best before having sex, something that is not easily done right after waking up.

The erection that men have upon awakening is a natural reflex caused by the bladder being full; whereas in other times a man becomes erect due to stimulation from the brain and body. Men enjoy morning sex because they are confident about their performance; if he does not wake up with an erection it could be an indication of his erectile problems since it is normal for him to experience 5 or 6 erections each night.

But how should women handle this situation? If he is eager but she isn’t interested, should she pretend to sleep or politely reject him? Couples should ask themselves these questions and make agreements beforehand. Pretending to sleep may work some times but will never solve the problem in general. They should be honest with each other instead. If the woman has important matters early in the day then she can promise him Sunday morning so they both have enough time for pleasure that day. However if she really cannot stand having sex in the morning then her husband must take that into consideration; otherwise she would eventually resist intimacy and damage their relationship