At which times do women need men the most?

Women need the companionship of men at these times, which men must understand. 1. When a woman is crying, she needs the love and care of her beloved man. When a woman cries, it proves that she is bearing something that she cannot bear herself. This is when she needs a man’s company the most. She needs his accompaniment, his share of burdens and his help. 2. When a woman is ill, she needs the love and care of her beloved man the most. What is the loneliest thing in the world? It’s one person putting himself on an IV drip and going to the toilet alone. Not only women, but anyone who is sick is physically weakest and needs to be taken care of the most. 3. When a woman has her period, she needs her beloved man’s companionship the most. Men can never understand what it feels like for women during their periods; they cannot feel it for themselves either, but they must not ignore it or make fun of them for being overly sensitive. Their body already suffers enough as it is, so don’t make it worse by adding insult to injury. 4. When a woman is pregnant, she needs her beloved man’s companionship the most. How hard pregnancy can be can hardly be exaggerated; it’s almost like being sentenced to death! Especially for those with severe pregnancy reactions; each day feels like an eternity – some small mood swings are perfectly normal when she needs some outlet for release at this time 5-When a woman sits in confinement after giving birth, she needs her beloved man’s company most of all.”Giving birth can be likened to walking through ghost gate; modern medicine may have advanced but there are still great risks involved in childbirth – confinement also serves as recovery period for women – men mustn’t take this lightly! 6-When a woman feels downhearted or out of sorts or gloomy ,she need her beloved man’s companionship once people have emotions they must find ways to vent them – if negative emotions remain suppressed over long periods ,they could erode one’s sense and rationality .