Before and after making love in bed, what topics are most “helpful” to talk about?

The best way for couples to be in a private and quiet bed is to lie side by side facing each other, or the husband can embrace the wife. If you are lying on your back, there will be less interaction and communication between the two of you, and you can’t feel the sweet warmth when your partner’s breath blows onto your face. Some topics suitable for talking before and after lovemaking are:

First, call the other person’s nickname and express love.

People enjoy hearing their lover call them by name because it increases intimacy and makes them feel important. Expressions of love will never get old. A survey conducted by British sexologist, Dr. Logan Levkoff, showed that 98% of women experience a feeling of happiness when they heard compliments from their partner.

Part 2: Let’s talk about travel experiences or places you both want to go.

This topic is built on the aspiration for a better life in the future; if we can fantasize further about it, it will increase couples’ confidence in their future.

Third, Expressing thanks

Express your thanks to your partner for helping keep the love alive and the passion in the bedroom. Of course, if your partner is understanding when you don’t want to be intimate, then it’s important to let them know your appreciation too – for example: “Thank you for understanding sweetheart, next time we’ll do something special!”

Fourth, Talk about Sexual Fantasies

The Kinsey Sexuality Report indicates that 67% of women often experience sexual fantasies, with even higher rates for men. Communicating one’s own sexual fantasies to a partner is a great way to build up intimacy.

“Don’t say negative, denying or gloomy words during intimate moments. These words will affect mood, make people anxious, and even lose sexual desire and conversation desire. Common words include:

Fifth, Question the Other Party

Have you brushed your teeth? Have you taken a shower? This can make the other person feel like they are not in a warm and caring bed, but rather being interrogated, which makes their mood even worse and worries that they will continue to be criticized.

Six, Economic Issues

Talking about economic problems shows that you have not invested into the intimate world of two people, which can make your lover start to consider various bills and even produce a sense of guilt. The passion between the two is no longer there.

Seventh, Household Chores

Household chores are all the tasks that need to be done regularly to keep a household functioning and clean. These tasks can include sweeping, mopping, washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, taking out the trash, grocery shopping and more. It is important for everyone in the household to take part in these responsibilities in order to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

When two people are quarreling, neither of them is willing to be disturbed by topics such as children, parents-in-law, nor do they want to mention the cleaning list.