Being single for too long is not beneficial to breast health.

The incidence of breast cancer in women is increasing, which has become a serious threat to women’s health, so for the prevention of breast cancer, more attention must be paid, especially some single women. If there is no sexual partner, the hidden danger of long-term single life is very large, and even more likely to suffer from breast disease.

Mood bad, prone to breast disease.

When visiting the clinic, I often hear female friends complain that “I’m feeling bad recently, it’s driving me crazy.” At this time, I always tell them that bad moods and breast diseases are like distant relatives, they can get close if not paying attention. Urban young women face intense competition pressures and their mental state is often in a state of stress arousal for a long time, resulting in emotional instability, which affects the levels of hormones and endocrine conditions. Long-term depression is even worse. Breast diseases such as hyperplasia, fibroadenoma and even breast cancer are related to these factors and have high recurrence rates.

Therefore, female friends should learn to regulate bad moods and cultivate a happy and relaxed lifestyle. Laughing heartily and confiding in others are good ways to reduce stress. A good family life and interpersonal relationships can effectively relieve stress. Going outdoors more often to be exposed to sunshine and returning to nature is beneficial for physical and mental health. When facing unpleasant things, take deep breaths, listen to music or talk it over with someone, which can help ease bad emotions and avoid accumulating worries within the body that can lead to breast disease.

Singlehood is not beneficial to breast health.

Statistics show that the risk of breast cancer among single women is twice that of married women. Unfavorable factors such as being a Dink and having the first birth over the age of 30 also affect breast health.

First of all, harmonious sexual life can regulate endocrine, stimulate the secretion of gonadotropin, increase the protection and repair power of mammary gland. Of course, sexual love can also stimulate estrogen secretion, however, under the control of gonadotropin, no hyperplasia will occur in mammary gland. In addition, orgasm stimulation can also accelerate blood circulation, preventing mammary gland hyperplasia caused by poor blood circulation. Childbearing is also beneficial to mammary gland. Women who insist on breastfeeding after childbirth can keep mammary glands unobstructed. If breastfeeding rarely or never occurs, it can easily lead to milk accumulation in breasts and thus increase the risk of breast cancer.

Although the causes of breast diseases are not single, if a person does not pay attention to their breast health and, in addition, has been single for too long without harmonious and healthy sexual life, it will increase the probability of suffering from breast diseases unconsciously. Therefore, it is still recommended that mature female friends should end your single life as soon as possible!