Both partners must do certain things to attain higher levels of arousal!

How can both parties have satisfaction and even orgasm during sex? Sexologists say if both parties want to reach orgasm, don’t forget these things:

Doing Exercises Together
Has he ever complained about your little belly fat while admiring your sexy figure after making love? Why not give him a brand new feeling with some exercise. Of course, if you are lazy, it would be necessary to prepare for a warm-up at least two weeks before.

Remember that almost any aerobic exercise will help burn fat and ignite sexuality. According to the survey, 66% of people who love running said that running makes them perfect in sex life. Running not only helps to lose weight but also greatly helps to enhance women’s sexual desire, which is enough reason for him to run with you willingly. And after running, a ‘water fight’ in the bathroom must be very exciting.

Having Dinner by Candlelight Together
Candlelight is not just suitable for romantic dinners but also adds freshness to sex life. Candlelight makes skin look rosy and delicate and even the shadows projected on the wall will be very beautiful. Some home stores sell special candle holders that cast candles into special shapes, reflecting beautiful patterns on the ceiling and walls for more stimulation.

However, this is an old-fashioned choice; popular starry laser lights can instantly turn your bedroom into a mysterious night sky and try making love under its accompaniment…
Exploring Each Other’s Intimate Areas Together
Although every man’s erogenous zone is different, women’s caresses seem to have an amazing effect on men! Here are their real feelings: “My buttocks are sensitive and my hips and thighs are also sensitive”. “I like someone kissing and caressing my chest – then loving caress and massage all over my body if he knows how to do it these parts are very sensitive.”

Since he feels better this way, why not change your habits and give him some new stimulus? This method must not be wrong! After all, it allows him to inadvertently revisit his experience as a baby: being lightly patted on his little butt by the most reliable mother.