Couples should often do these four small activities to enhance their affection and increase happiness:

1. Spend Quality Time Together – Go on dates, take walks in the park, or just sit and talk at home.

2. Express Gratitude – Show appreciation for simple gestures and let your partner know you are thankful for them.

3. Share Experiences – Do things together as a couple to create shared experiences that bond you together.

4. Be Supportive – Encourage each other and provide emotional support when facing difficult times.
Nowadays, a routine is played out in chat software. When pregnant moms are bored at home, they may take it out and play with their husbands. Maybe it will deepen the feelings between you two. Today, let’s introduce some small activities to pregnant moms to make their pregnancy not boring and make their husbands feel that you are an interesting person. Let’s try it now.

1. Play idiom games with your husband on WeChat

You can just throw out any idiom, such as “people face peach blossom”, “one day three autumns”, “you are beautiful” and so on, and let your husband continue from there. Maybe the subsequent idioms will be too sweet! Of course, you also need to pay attention to guiding him in the middle, use some routines slightly to lead him towards sweetness. Playing such games during pregnancy not only can deepen your feelings as a couple but also activate your brain. Frequently using your brain during pregnancy can help you give birth to a smart and healthy baby!

2. Cook meaningful dishes with your husband

In fact, you have plenty of time to plan your diet during pregnancy. If you want your husband to cook for you, just send him the ingredients so he doesn’t have to think about it himself. Men are not good at these things anyway and avoid his buying something that you don’t like or feeling that he doesn’t understand you and making you unhappy. You can cook some meaningful dishes together, such as “Spouse Lung Slices”. Of course other dishes are also possible. The warm time in the kitchen can help enhance your feelings as a couple .

3. Go to the park during rest time and fly kites
Spending the weekend flying a kite with your husband is a very romantic thing. The kite slowly rises in the sky, and you can also whisper sweet words to your husband, such as “You are like a kite in the sky, and I and our baby are the strings in my hand, allowing you to fly high but forever remain by your side.” Men all like to hear nice words; say more pleasing words and be subtle when giving instructions.

Playing rock-paper-scissors with truth or dare can be a great idea. You can choose the topic yourselves; it could be something that has touched you both most deeply before, or a wish that both of you want to fulfill, or maybe even something that has hurt you both at some point. This could be an opportunity for couples to clear up any misunderstandings between each other, raise the temperature of their feelings and get two birds with one stone! No matter when it is, being sweet will never go wrong.