Do female breasts of different sizes feel the same when touched?

The development of the chest is not only a priority for every woman, but also a standard for men to select their partners. Some people like girls with big breasts, while others prefer petite and peachy figures. So here comes the main point: do women with different sizes of chests feel the same when touched?

Cup size: Adorable “Little Cherries”

Your palm should be slightly bent when you get here with your thumb at the 1/2 point of the first joint of your index finger.

For most men, an A cup is a bit “plain and ordinary”, but with a slim body, this posture has become popular in the Oriental aesthetic concept of bone beauty that has been around since ancient times.

B Cup: Sweet and Plump “Peach”

Now, separate your thumb and index finger for a moment, as you would to measure something with one hand. But basically your palm should stay in a vertical position.

Although B cup is not considered large, its chest shape is beautiful and full and uplifting. Most of the beautiful women in life are B cup size, which is a common chest size.

C Cup: Luscious “Melon”

Numerous data show that C cup size, which is neither too small nor too large, has the highest votes among the majority of males. At this moment, your palm needs to deviate from the vertical track and tilt down, because C cup already has the conditions to make fat sag. In oriental females, C is one of the common cups that belongs to “quite big” starting from C.

D Cup: A Tempting “Yuzu”

At this moment, your palms have become so small, the thick fat makes your palms unable to bear the burden and helplessly fall. In front of it, you lost the momentum of one hand covering.

D cup is one of the less common bra sizes among Asian women. Surveys show that for Chinese women in particular, D cup is the most favored size for breasts, being large enough to create a beautiful curve without compromising energy.

Cup E: Delicious and Sweet “Coconut”

In the illustration of bra size, E cup (also jokingly referred to as “Ecstasy” due to its impact on people) refers to women’s cup size with an difference between the top and bottom circumferences of the chest (the difference between the nipple and the lower end of the breast) being around 20 cm. In Eastern women, it belongs to a relatively large type of cup size beginning from C; however, in Asian women, E cup is relatively rare.