Do girls have to be great at GG? What they need is sexual skills.

Men often take pride in their size, but in reality, a lot of women care more about their sexual skills. If their skills are not good, the size of their genital may even cause them harm. Therefore, size does not always matter but the sexual skills must be good.

A 30-year-old retired British soldier said that his genital is only 7.3 cm, and he was frequently mocked by his peers when he was in the army. But he said that although his penis is not long, it could still make the women ecstatic in bedtime. He believes that technique matters more than size.

According to him, because his penis has been small since an early age, he had been worrying about this issue and was often compared to a toothpick by his peers with jokes like “My teeth are stuck on something and can I borrow your GG?” However, after dating some girls, he found out that size is not as important as sexual skills as what women truly care about.

Because of his congenital deficiency, he pays more attention to foreplay in bedtime hoping to please the women with tender behaviors and indeed got positive reactions from many of them. He pointed out that many people are under pressure for having seen huge dongs in porn movies; however, he does not compare himself to male models in adult flicks. He shared a story of a friend who had a large genital; due to its size, however, the woman felt uncomfortable during sex and thus there was no second time for them.