Do I need to rinse my private parts immediately after making love?

Many people think that sexually transmitted diseases are caused by sexual life, so they rush to wash the toilet every time after lovemaking, thinking that this is the best way to prevent infection. But this method is not necessarily effective, so where did it go wrong? Is it necessary to flush immediately after lovemaking?

In fact, everyone’s feelings and habits are different. Some people will have more sexual fantasies when their body fluids come into contact with their bodies, and like the feeling of being stained with body fluids and do not want to flush them away immediately. On the other hand, some people may feel uncomfortable when there are body fluids and semen on their bodies, especially for those who have more vigorous sexual activities. The semen may be sprayed on the body, face and hair, which makes them feel difficult to clean if they don’t flush quickly. Therefore, they want to flush quickly. The methods of preventing urethral infection after lovemaking

Some women are prone to urinary tract infections after lovemaking, so it is best to drink a glass of water before making love. After making love, you should go to the toilet to urinate and discharge suspicious urine containing bacteria which may enter the urethra at the front end. It is meaningful for these people to rush to the bathroom after sex in terms of preventing infection. In fact, there is no big difference whether they flush immediately or not after making love. The methods of preventing vaginitis after sex

Some women experience vaginal inflammation after sex, but the most important stage for preventing inflammation is not post-sex cleaning, but the “preparation work” before sex. For some women, vaginal inflammation is not caused by infection, but because the semen of men during sex is alkaline while the female vagina should be acidic in order to prevent harmful bacterial infection. If the man ejaculates inside the vagina, some more sensitive women may have vaginal inflammation as a result.

For these patients, it is best to let the man wear a condom before sex in order to prevent vaginal inflammation or infection afterwards. Cleaning after sex has no effect, and washing afterwards is only psychologically effective. On the contrary, many women try to flush out their partner’s semen inside their body by flushing water into their vaginas in order to achieve cleanliness or contraception. However, this not only has no cleaning or contraceptive effect but also causes repeated vaginal infections in women.

Sexually transmitted diseases such as human papillomavirus, gonorrhea, syphilis or herpes virus and trichomoniasis can not be prevented even if cleaned after having sex. Isolation must be prepared beforehand and condoms must be used throughout in order to prevent sexually transmitted diseases; Post prevention does not work either.

Even though cleaning after sex does not have much effect, it is still better to cooperate if your partner insists on post-cleaning work because you will live with someone for life. Some people feel uncomfortable when hygiene is not done properly and this will affect the feeling of future sexual life. Many couples can not coordinate their sexual lives because they can not match each other in these details of life.