Do you have four reasons why women fear marriage?

Some people say marriage is a sacred temple, while others see it as a prison that confines two individuals. Some have a happy marriage while others experience an unhappy one. Entering marriage with excitement and love in your heart, you are his wife and he is your husband expecting to share the future together.

Getting married is a thrilling experience, but it can also bring some fear of the unknown. People are unsure of what their future holds and how far their relationship can go. Will they stay happy forever, or will something happen in between?

Marriage is not just two people’s world; it is a full-time job with decisions to be made about everyday household items and family matters. If living with in-laws, one has to constantly keep them in mind and handle the small and tedious tasks that come along with it. Over time these small things accumulate until you forget why you got married in the first place, and all the petty arguments make you forget the beauty of love.

This is why women fear marriage – because ultimately, all that’s left after passion fades away is dullness and strife. Eventually both partners become tired of arguing and wonder if staying together is worthwhile anymore; if not, then this marriage is as good as over.

The reasons why women fear marriage are:
1) Confusion – If it’s their first time getting married, women feel uneasy about the future since they don’t know what life will be like post-marriage or how to handle different situations due to a change in identity. This uncertainty leads to hurt and tears if one cannot cope with it properly.
2) Unknown – Relationships allow for freedom without immense commitment but marriage ties people down where faithfulness is expected, thus eliminating many freedoms that had been enjoyed before. This makes women prefer relationships over marriage as they are still able to love freely without boundaries or obligations holding them back.
3) Dullness – As time passes by, love turns into a family bond gradually without passions between the couple any longer. Many times on a woman’s face there’s no sign of joy seen only a flattened emotion after all the excitement has ended.
4) Compatibility – Will this man fit me perfectly? Can we hold each other’s hands forever after tying the knot? Women question themselves continuously trying to find out if he will make an ideal husband for her making sure he can stay true both mentally and emotionally for her for eternity or not? Since nothing comes perfect in this world, she has two choices: either remain single or take a chance on him regardless of possible consequences later on