Do you know what are the four messages that girls like most from a guy?

Many men fail again and again in their relationships with women because they do not find the right approach. Often words cannot touch a woman’s heart, and often self-destruct, for a small loss. Details decide success or failure. Nowadays, most people communicate online, and sometimes one simple message can capture a goddess’s heart. Here are four kinds of messages that women like to receive most. I hope you can remember them, learn to use them, and get rid of them as soon as possible.1、What are you doing ,beautiful girl?   Many people may think that those who send such messages are frivolous people, and women will certainly not like it. But on the contrary, most of the time women like to hear such words, especially in the social network where they can’t see each other and it is easier to be their true selves and let go. A compliment will make a woman happy first, caring afterwards makes you even more likable; after a good topic is successfully established, you can ask each other questions and just answer them as a good start which increases the success rate of chatting.2、When do you have time ,I’ll take you to a nice place?   If you want to invite a woman out for a date but afraid she would reject it ,you can give her some time to make decisions . On one hand ,you show your manners ,on the other hand ,you have shown her importance by unconditionally expressing that she should be ableto decide when she has free time .The word ‘nice place’ will grab her curiosity and make her wanna find out the answer together with you .3、Have you eaten yet? If we both haven’t eaten we could eat together   If you wanna date with someone ,you must catch up on dining time . At this time ,one woman hasn’t had anything yet . Eating together is always better than eating alone . Chinese people usually eat several meals while talking side by side ; when atmosphere is good enough ,you could knock down your goddess .4、Call me when u need help,anytime u call me   When one woman receives such kind of message she would be very touched . Because female is an animal which lacks sense of security ;when she knows that whenever she looks back there will always be someone standing behind her without any condition demanded from her ;most female are sensitive enough that they cannot differentiate between emotion feelings and love feelings ;when u show unconditional kindness towards her then slowly she would be captured by ur heart . When u really need help then immediately u appear then naturally both of u will stay together .As said :A kind word warms three winter days; harsh words hurt one for six months。Once one man master the skill of talking heart to heart with female ,he would not get stuck deep in trouble being disliked by female but instead he could easily handle all kinds of tests given by goddesses passing through smoothly winning their admiration love。Sweet mouthed man wherever he goes always gets welcome ,Does this sentence agree with yours ?