Does a woman feel pain the first time? What is the feeling for a woman when she first enters?

Men, even though they think they no longer have virginity, at the same time they want the precious devotion of a woman’s first time. The female first time is not only the process, but also a measure of respect and affection for sex. The man needs to control himself when facing a woman’s first time, and do more foreplay to eliminate the woman’s hidden pain and awe. It is at this point that the outflow of fen secretions will make entry easy. Finally, make a brave attempt and be patient to enjoy the fun!

Although nowadays men all say that they no longer have the virginity plot, who gave women their first time. In fact, every man still hopes that his wife or lover will dedicate her first time to him.

The preciousness of a woman’s first time lies in the fact that it is not only a process of transforming girls into women, but also a measure of her attitude towards sex.

For a woman’s first time, men are both yearning and fear. He doesn’t know what it feels like for women (what does it feel like when they just enter) and always worry she will be very painful. The feeling of desire and then stop made men also very tangled?

What is the feeling when the woman just enters? What does a woman’s first time mean to her?

In fact, a woman’s first time is different from a man’s first time. A woman’s first time usually feels very painful, and the first time usually means not enjoying for herself, but satisfying the enjoyment of her man. Therefore, when facing a woman’s first time, you must control yourself and do enough foreplay. When a woman has her first experience there will be traces and she will be very nervous or even afraid.

What does it feel like for women when they just enter? How about comments from netizens?
Mostly warm feeling; some girls feel tight; some are general; then its exciting; this should be stimulating the cortex to cause excitement which can make them pleasurable feelings.
When entering the body of a woman, she feels full and comfortable specially. There are hymen membrane barriers on her body which are different in elasticity and toughness when under external force it may rupture with pain so bleeding may occur but varies from person to person. According to survey, 37% may have slight pain sensation while 30% have strong pain sensation while 12% hardly feel any pain at all. If it is her maiden experience then she must be more tensed than you expect! And thus she needs your extra care & gentle touch to ease out tension from her body & soul . If you try too hard too soon before easing up tension in her system; then due to contracted tightness in Yoni (vagina) ,she may experience severe kind point till almost unbearable level & thus lead towards total failure if not stopped immediately . To ease out tension & increase arousal level among both ,you need more caressing & kissing part to make her aware how much love you carry for her . Once aroused ,her anxiety levels decreases as well as making penetration smooth .If still having tension issues then use lubricant material available at adult store or even natural moistures can work wonders around here . Yes maiden experience oftens end with unsatisfying note but don’t lose heart ; instead give yourself repeated chance until success knocks your door with patience & courage !