Eight awkward situations men encounter when in love:

1. Not knowing how to express feelings
2. Struggling with a fear of rejection
3. Feeling anxious about making the first move
4. Overthinking the situation
5. Not knowing what gifts to give
6. Overly worrying about physical appearance
7. Unclear communication with the other person
8. Inability to understand their partner’s feelings
Everything has its first time, including making love. Many men might face the following 8 embarrassing situations such as softness, premature ejaculation, and difficulties finding the hole when they experience their first sexual intercourse. To help avoid these situations, below are 8 embarrassing conditions that a man in love might come across. Perhaps it can give you a heads up and help you to “prevent rather than cure”!

Preparation is not sufficient.

Adequate foreplay is essential to set the mood. The female partner needs to be aroused for a smooth insertion without causing any pain. However, many inexperienced virgins tend to rush into it, or not know where to start due to the first time experience, thus neglecting the importance of foreplay!

When it comes to foreplay, it’s nothing more than tender gazing, sweet talking, caressing, and kissing. Travel slowly with your hands or mouth from her face, ears, neck, shoulders, back, waistline, buttock, inner thigh to toes. Look for her sensitive spots and attack them with gentleness. Use your fingers and tongue to caress her softly. Enjoy exploring your partner’s body while keeping her comfortable. Foreplay is like a warm-up that makes the main course much more delicious. Don’t skip this step!

Condoms are not worn.

After warming up, all the clothes have been taken off and the condom package has been opened. Wow, embarrassing… It seems like it doesn’t fit? Don’t doubt yourself, many men have encountered this problem before, after all this is your first time in action.

To avoid such an embarrassing situation, you can buy condoms in advance and practice wearing at home, or simply tell your female companion that this is your first time and you seem to be not very good at wearing it, can you ask her for help? Of course, this option is premised on her having the experience and knowing what to do.

I don’t know where to insert into the hole.

Finding the right spot is also one of the lessons to learn. Many inexperienced men either fail to find the hole or almost enter the wrong one, making both parties very tense. Here are some solutions: if the woman has experience with intercourse, let her take control and guide your penis into the hole or switch to a female-on-top position.

If both you and your partner are first-timers, have her lie down with her legs raised or in a “V” position to give you a clear view of the vagina. Before inserting, stimulate the areas around her vulva with the tip of your penis to not only facilitate insertion but also to gauge her reactions to get a better understanding of where to insert correctly.

Too nervous and soft.

No matter if it’s premature ejaculation or other issues that we may discuss, it’s actually normal for it to happen during the first time making love. Don’t feel inferior and think there is something wrong with you. In fact, there are many factors that can cause it, such as psychological pressure, excessive arousal and so on. It’s better to observe after a few times whether the same situation will occur.

If the problem persists, seeking medical help, exercising more, changing self-gratification and lifestyle habits are all potential solutions; or perhaps try to open up to your partner and communicate about changing the way you make love – such as adding a longer foreplay or having your partner give you oral service. Or hold a heart-to-heart conversation to encourage each other and relieve stress – the issue may resolve itself naturally.

Only knowing to work hard.

A virgin’s first experience with the forbidden fruit is mostly one of hard work, burying his head in it, rather than worrying too much about hurting the woman and not daring to move. Remember, making a woman comfortable isn’t just wild strokes and rough thrusts; you have to start shallow and slow, getting better over time as you go deeper. Gentle at times, fierce at others.

Making love is not just about getting pleasure for oneself and constantly thrusting in order to reach a final climax, but it is also important to pay attention to the feelings of the woman. The climax for men is ejaculation, while women enjoy the entire process. Try adjusting the intensity and controlling one’s speed in order to add more fun to the sexual experience.

Not enough related poses.

The most common position for the first time should be Missionary, which is not really a big problem. But if you encounter a girl who says “it hurts”, then you are in trouble. What other options do you have? Another situation is that every girl’s sensitive posture is different. Although missionary is comfortable, what can really make her climax is the rear-entry! Which man does not want to be praised by the woman for his skill in bed? OK, let me recommend a complete sex pose to you!

He came quickly.

As was just mentioned, premature ejaculation is a problem many men have on their first time having sex. Unfortunately, due to the sensation of a woman’s vagina contracting and being touched for the first time, blood vessels become overly excited in no time.

After finishing the work, yawning and taking a good nap.

I would recommend that after making love, both parties should have a conversation about it. Whether talking about how wonderful the experience was or asking for advice since it was the first time, they can gain experience, confidence and insight to make their future sexual encounters even better.

Ah, men! Nine out of ten of them love to be admired and want to have self-respect, which is an innate nature. No man wants to go without being worshipped.

However, what I want to express is that if you are really too nervous and inexperienced, don’t know what to do for the first time of making love, then just admit it openly! Tell your partner: “Actually this is my first time. If I do something wrong which makes you uncomfortable, I hope you can be tolerant.” Believe me, when you put down your self-esteem at this moment, your partner will not laugh at you but think that you are so cute and willing to show the part which you are not good at.

Who hasn’t had their first time? Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself in bed, just be scared of leaving bad memories from the first sexual experience that cast a shadow on both parties afterwards~