Experts: Four Factors Affecting Couple’s Sexual Life Quality

1. Intimacy: Feeling connected emotionally with your spouse is essential for a good sexual relationship. When couples lack intimacy and feel disconnected, their sex life suffers.

2. Communication: Being able to communicate effectively about desires, worries, and expectations are necessary components of any healthy relationship — including the sexual one.

3. Stress Levels: Stressful events, both inside and outside of the marriage, can cause tension between partners that may impact their ability to connect physically.

4. Physical Health: Chronic health conditions or disabilities can make it difficult to engage in physical activity, which is important for good sexual health. Illnesses such as diabetes or depression can also have an effect on a couple’s sex life.
What factors affect marital sexual life? Sexual life is an integral part of married life, and harmonious sexual life plays an important role in promoting the feelings of husband and wife. However, sexual life is easily affected by various factors. Do you know which things are most likely to affect harmonious sexual life? Four “culprits” that affect harmonious marital sexual life:
1. Betrayal is the greatest taboo for a harmonious relationship between sexes. Betrayal can hurt the relationship of both parties very much, and it is difficult to repair it. Therefore, both husband and wife should restrain their emotions as much as possible and not let their feelings go astray and damage their marital relationship.
2. Deception is also taboo for a harmonious relationship between sexes. Even if two people are together, if they often dream different dreams in bed, keep secrets from each other and have their own thoughts, their relationship will become tense, thus making it difficult to achieve a harmonious sexual life and even leading to problems such as frigidity or premature ejaculation.
3. Selfishness is also taboo for a harmonious relationship between sexes. If both parties consider only their own comfortability or preferences while neglecting the opinions and feelings of each other in everything they do together, over time their love may fade away, affecting the harmony of their marital relationship.
4. Suspicion is also taboo for a harmonious relationship between sexes. Trust between husband and wife is very important; if one side or both sides are too sensitive or suspicious, often chasing after wind or suspecting without reason will cause great harm to the feelings between them as well.
Harmonious emotional feelings among couples need to be maintained by both sides. If there are any negative emotions between them, it will easily lead to cracks in the emotional bonding affecting family harmony at home. In order to achieve a happy marriage and maintain good relationships with each other for future family happiness one must avoid these taboos above all else!