Fifty Realistic Portraits of Gender Relationships

1. Respect: Without respect, there can be no healthy relationship.
2. Compromise: Both sides should compromise to reach an agreement.
3. Communication: Open and honest communication is key for a healthy relationship.
4. Trust: Both parties must have mutual trust in order for the relationship to work.
5. Honesty: Being honest with one another is essential for a strong bond between two individuals.
6. Commitment: A commitment from both partners strengthens the bond between the two people in the relationship.
7. Support: Each person should be supportive of the other’s decisions and actions, even if they differ from their own beliefs and opinions.
8. Empathy: Being able to understand and empathize with each other helps both parties grow together as a couple and become closer emotionally over time.
9. Selflessness: Putting your partner’s needs before your own shows how much you care about them, making them feel loved and appreciated by you as a person and as part of your life together as a couple or family unit.
10. Fun & Adventure: Having fun together is important to keep the spark alive in any relationship! Try doing something new or going on an adventure together – it will help bring you closer together than ever before!
It is difficult for a man the first time he is in bed with a woman, and it becomes easier afterwards; whereas for a woman, it is easy the first time she is in bed with a man, but gets more difficult afterwards.

When a man makes money, he wants to divorce his wife, but when he cannot make enough money, his wife wants to divorce him.

Do you still love me? This sentence is asked multiple times by women when they first kiss a man, when they are first touched by a man, when they go to bed with a man for the first time, and when a man earns his first money.

“Do you still love me?” This phrase is usually asked by a man several times when the first kiss fails, the first touch of the other person fails, the first time he goes to bed with the other person fails, and when his career is in a low.

Before marriage, a man borrowing money should also make sure that the woman eats well; after marriage, a woman borrowing money should also make sure that the man eats well.

Men’s infidelity is reflected in their increasingly busy work, while women’s infidelity is reflected in the increasing saltiness of their cooking.

When a woman says “I hate you” to you, it means she likes you; when a man says “I hate you” to you, he really hates you.

Traditional men were pure before marriage, but started to become promiscuous afterwards; modern men are promiscuous before marriage, but become honest after.

Traditional women were very honest before giving birth, but after giving birth, they began to pursue pleasure. Modern women have pursued pleasure before giving birth, but afterwards become honest.

When there is no money in the house, men like to keep accounts; when there is money in the house, women like to keep accounts.

No matter how bad the relationship between a man and his wife is, he still has a good relationship with his mother-in-law; Likewise, no matter how good the relationship between a woman and her husband is, she still has a poor relationship with her mother-in-law.

When a man doesn’t earn money, the woman is anxious; when he earns money the woman regrets it.

The man entrusted his girlfriend to be taken care of by his buddy, and eventually the girlfriend became his buddy’s wife; the woman entrusted her boyfriend to be taken care of by her sister, but her sister ended up becoming the boyfriend’s wife, so she couldn’t take care of him anymore.

When a man is MLing, he is certainly not thinking of his wife, whereas a woman is thinking of her husband.

Men who fail prefer to compare themselves with others rather than their wives, while successful women prefer to compare themselves with others rather than their husbands.

When a man illegally parks and is fined, he will argue with the police, and the woman beside him will try to mediate; when a woman illegally parks and is fined, she will argue with the man beside her, and the police will try to mediate.

The biggest worry for men is too little money, while the biggest worry for women is too much money.

Men’s most favorite and yet most useless thing to buy is a laptop, while women’s is shoes.

Men are good at finding their wives’ shortcomings, while women are good at discovering their husbands’ strengths.

Men have extramarital affairs because of premeditated desires, and women have extramarital affairs because of loneliness and depression.

Men have a lover called conquering, while women have a lover called foolishness.

When a man kisses a woman spontaneously, it’s a sudden event; when a woman kisses a man proactively, it’s a premeditated event.

Before forty, women have thoughts of changing husbands; after forty, men have actions of changing wives.

Men are good at finding other people’s wives’ merits, while women are good at finding their own husbands’ merits.

Men and women are arguing angrily in the car. If it is a woman driving, she will hit the brakes hard. If it is a man driving, he will hit the accelerator hard.

Men with money first change their phones, then cars, then houses, and finally clothes; Women with money are just the opposite.

Men learn English to prove they are capable, whereas women learn English to prove they are not.

The poorest man does not bargain when he buys food, while the richest woman still haggles over the price.

Behind every successful man there is a woman’s support, and behind every successful woman there is a host of men’s support.

Women hate Chen Shimei the most; men like Pan Jinlian the most.

When a man looks at a woman, she is the most beautiful when they are in love, the most ordinary after marriage, the ugliest when they divorce, and beautiful again after the divorce; When a woman looks at a man, he is the most sincere during courtship, the dullest after marriage, the most hypocritical before divorce, and sincere again after the divorce.

For men, the most beautiful woman is the one they can’t have; for women, the most dashing man is the one they already have.

No matter how intelligent a woman is, she is still confused about her own looks; however, no matter how stupid a man is, he is always clear-headed when it comes to the looks of a woman.

Women are usually afraid of men’s passion during the day, but complain about the lack of it in bed; Men usually complain about women’s coquettishness during the day, but fear that they will not be so when in bed.

The most embarrassing thing for a man is when his wife drinks too much and bothers his friends; the most embarrassing thing for a woman is when her husband’s friends get drunk and bother her.

When a woman says to a man, “I know I’m not really beautiful,” the man absolutely should not agree; when a man says to a woman, “I’m actually quite a failure,” the woman absolutely should disagree.

A man who does not ask for property when getting a divorce is definitely not a good man; a woman who does not ask for property when getting a divorce is definitely a good woman.

A man giving a woman a bra signifies wanting to form a romantic relationship; a woman giving a man underwear implies they already have an intimate relationship.

Women are foolish yet kind, while men are kind yet foolish.

The woman’s workplace gave her one thousand dollars, so she told the man she had received one thousand dollars and told her friends she had received five hundred. The man’s workplace gave him one thousand dollars, so he told the woman he had received five hundred and told his friends he had received one thousand five.

Men who are least afraid of their wives at home still dare not confront their mothers-in-law; women who are most afraid of their husbands at home also dare to confront their mothers-in-law.

Women save money in their private accounts to spend on their husbands in the future, while men save money in their private accounts to spend on other women.

When a man is in a group of women, he should not discuss physical appearance; when a woman is in a group of men, she should not discuss wealth.

Women most like to hear men say another woman is ugly; men most like to hear women say another man is a failure.

When comforting a woman, a woman usually says how miserable she is; when comforting a man, a man usually says how miserable another man is.

The most foolish moment for a man is when he wears a suit to work the first time, while the most foolish moment for a woman is when she wears a spaghetti strap dress on the street the first time.

Beautiful women like to compliment other women’s clothes as being pretty, and wealthy men like to flatter other men for having a high income; the end result is that they bring the topic back to themselves.

When a male Chinese returnee speaks Chinese to other Chinese, he also need to add some English; when a female Chinese returnee speaks English to foreigners, she also need to add some Chinese.

Men get a Ph.D. due to low IQ, while women get a Ph.D. due to low EQ.

Men lie habitually, whereas women lie out of necessity.