Five details to note for a harmonious sexual life:

1. Communication: Talk about your likes, dislikes, and needs before and during intimate moments.
2. Take it slow: Don’t rush the experience; build up to more intense moments gradually.
3. Mutual Respect: Show love and respect for each other both in and out of the bedroom.
4. Intimacy: Create an atmosphere that encourages affection and closeness between you two.
5. Variety: Explore different positions, techniques, toys, etc., to keep your sex life exciting and fresh.
Sex is a human instinct, which can’t be concealed or killed. We can enjoy it freely in the process, but there are some precautions to take in order to avoid hurting our partners and make it more harmonious and beneficial for both body and mind. Clinically, many diseases occur due to wrong sexual behaviors. Now let’s talk about what we should not do in sex.

Things to Pay Attention to During Intercourse

1. Mutual Respect: Respect your partner and their boundaries.

2. Communication: Communicate openly before, during and after sex about what you both want, need and expect from the sexual experience.

3. Protection: Use protection like condoms or other forms of birth control to protect against unwanted pregnancy or the spread of STDs or HIV.

4. Comfort Level: Make sure that both of you are comfortable with the sexual situation and not feeling pressured into anything they do not want to do.

In China, education about sexual relationships is always lacking. It is related to people’s traditional ideas and they are unwilling to actively understand it, which leads to a lot of blind spots in terms of safety in sexual relationships. Don’t think that it is simple because some wrong actions will affect the relationship between husband and wife or even cause harm. The following points should be noted:
1. Learn more knowledge about sex before having sex;
2. Choose correct postures and positions;
3. Do not use force when making love;
4. Pay attention to hygiene in sexual life;
5. Make sure contraception when necessary;
6. Respect each other’s feelings and listen to each other’s opinions;
7. Pay attention to your physical condition during and after making love;
8. Go for medical examination if necessary;
9. Get psychological counseling if needed.

Event One: Deciding on a Partner Also Involves Desire for Intimacy

Sex is a matter of two people, not one person’s idea. Therefore, when you want to start, make sure your partner also wants it, otherwise forcing sex will not benefit the maintenance of marital relationships and even lead to conflicts. Sometimes taking into account the feelings of the other person is also a kind of lubricant for life.

Event Two: Pay Attention to the Degree of Housework

To make sex completely pleasurable and satisfying, it should be gentle and gradual instead of approaching in a rush. This can easily lead to mistakes. In clinical practice, there are many cases of injuries caused by haste (e.g. tearing and bleeding of the female genitalia).

Event Three: Pay Attention to Contraception

If it’s not a planned pregnancy, then contraception should be taken, whether it be taking birth control pills (except for emergency contraceptive pills) or using condoms, as both are effective ways of protecting women. For those who have already given birth, the best thing to do would be to get sterilized – one solution for all.

Event Four: Pay Attention to Hygiene

Due to the intimacy of the area adjacent to the anus and urethra, hygiene must be taken into account during sexual intercourse. Thorough washing is required before sex and it is better not to use fingers during sex, as the bacteria on fingernails may enter directly into the body.

Event Five: Pay Attention to Time

When having sex, it is important to control the duration and not to prolong it too much, as long time intercourse may damage the mucous membranes in private areas, which increases the risk of infection. Moreover, long-term congestion is also not good for vital organs. Therefore, do not deliberately prolong sex time.

There are many other aspects that cannot be done in terms of sexual intercourse, which cannot be introduced one by one here. It should be known that if sexual intercourse is done incorrectly, it will still cause great damage to the body, especially for women. In addition to causing inflammation of the reproductive system, wrong sexual behavior can also lead to loss of fertility.

Although sexual intercourse is important, the most important thing is to do it in a healthy and correct way. Do not try some novel or risky moves. Proper sexual intercourse can benefit both the body and mind, however excessive indulgence will only affect your work and life. Have you understood what cannot be done during intercourse? If any discomfort occurs during intercourse, please seek medical attention immediately.