Five Unwanted Ways of Making Love for Women: Rear-Entry and Oral Sex

Sex should be fulfilling, happy and heart-racing. However, in real life, many couples experience unsatisfactory sexual relations. Besides issues with the couple’s emotions, sexual technique can also be a key factor. Here are five sex positions women dislike; men must not make these mistakes again…

Outdoor Sex
Men often get overly excited when they go out on excursions and demand physical intimacy from their partner regardless of the situation. Most women do not like this type of outdoor sex. This is because women often lack a sense of security during intimacy, which is only further aggravated by outdoor activities. Furthermore, women usually prefer a clean environment for sex – outdoors cannot guarantee cleanliness – so repeatedly demanding sexual activities outdoors will be unwelcome by their partners.

Rear Entry
Many men enjoy rear entry as it requires less effort and leads to quicker gratification. However, have you considered how the woman would feel? Rear entry does not allow much interaction between the two partners and oftentimes even prevents the man from seeing his partner’s face. In such cases sex can become one-sided and it turns the woman into an object that is being controlled – something that she will certainly not be fond of.  

Many men think that when a woman refuses them sexually she actually means yes deep down inside her heart. Consequently, her refusals create an opportunity for him to engage in violent sex with her instead; this only serves to repel her further as most women detest violence in the bedroom. The primary reason behind their aversion towards violent sex is not the pain or violation of their wishes but rather the feeling of being “treated like animals” due to being manipulated and driven without consent during such acts.
Some men feel that the use of dirty language during sex is particularly exciting, and sometimes they even ask their partner to use it as well. However, for a lady who is soft-spoken and reserved in her daily life, this can be an uncomfortable experience, let alone during intimate moments! The underlying factor here is that when women say dirty words out loud, they will often feel like those words are being directed at them, which can lead to a lack of respect. This significant contrast between the man who usually pampers them and the one asking them to say dirty words can be off-putting.

When it comes to oral sex, most women tend to reject it due to the fact that it is not something that should be eaten in their opinion; it is the man’s “drainpipe”. Nevertheless, men enjoy this very much and always hope for their partners to do this for them. However, the more pressure women feel from men regarding this matter, the more resistant they become. Therefore, rather than asking your partner directly for oral sex right away; start by making her feel pleasure first with your actions before you make any requests. When she has experienced how enjoyable it can be, she may then agree to do it willingly.