Four bottom lines for girls that cannot be crossed:

1. Do not physically harm her.
2. Respect her boundaries and privacy.
3. Do not pressure her into doing something she does not feel comfortable with.
4. Give her the space to make her own decisions.
A “bottom line” is the point at which you have reached the limit of no return, and beyond which there is no way back. Usually, when the phrase “bottom line” is used in a relationship, it has negative connotations and implies heartache and violation. Therefore, I generally do not recommend that people lay down their bottom lines right at the start of a relationship. This bottom line should not be used as an ultimatum for love, but rather to demonstrate that there are still principles and requirements involved. However, it should not be used as a warning sign to set off red flags in your relationship.

If you tell your partner too soon what your bottom line is, they might try to avoid it intentionally, but they will also know what behaviours they can get away with without any consequences. This is not good for your relationship.

As a man, you should know that your girlfriend may not explicitly tell you what behaviours she cannot tolerate, but you must keep in mind some common yet important boundaries such as:
1) Comparison – Neither men nor women can accept being compared to others; this could be on physical attributes or personality traits. For example, if you make any comparison between her and an ex-partner or even someone walking down the street, she will wonder why you are staring at another woman for so long and feel insecure about herself thinking ‘what does she have than me?’
2) Abrupt distance – Even though men often go through ‘caveman periods’ where they don’t want to talk or see anyone else but themselves , women just cannot understand this concept and don’t like it when men suddenly become distant from them. Instead of completely cutting off communication during an argument (and therefore throwing immature insults), try resolving the conflict maturely instead of playing games with words.
3) Violence – No matter how angry either one of you becomes never resort to physical violence towards each other; once the beast within breaks free it will be hard to contain it again. If this relationship can still continue then don’t raise a hand otherwise part ways with mutual understanding instead of hatred.
4) Lies – Never lie to women because even if they don’t say anything out loud they are keeping track in their heads; some minor lies can be acceptable by them in order to spare feelings however bigger ones (especially related to personal development and past relationships) are more serious and can ruin trust forever once exposed. Once you start lying then for covering up one lie more lies will have to be told until eventually everything collapses like an avalanche from all sides..

Relationships may not have clear rights and wrongs but certainly have rules; don’t let ignorance lead astray from these boundaries or else risk burying love underneath forever…