Four Foreplay Secrets to Get Men Addicted to the Bedroom

1. Touch: Start with soft and sensual touches that build anticipation, slowly increasing pressure and intensity.

2. Whisper: Sweet nothings in his ear or a sexy secret can be all it takes to get your man ready for more.

3. Massage: Working from head to toe, use massage as an opportunity to explore his body and increase arousal.

4. Play: Games like strip poker or body painting are fun ways for partners to get closer and increase mutual pleasure.
In sexual life, men want to make women more comfortable, while women want to make men addicted in bed. In fact, the secret of being addicted in bed is very simple. Mastering the foreplay is mastering the quality of sex. Don’t think that entering is the most important thing, in fact, foreplay is the most important thing in sex. So what are the secrets for women to make men addicted to foreplay? Let’s learn these few tricks.

First Trick: Tease the Triangle Area

Actually, female friends who want to increase their partner’s sexual desire can tease his triangle area as much as possible. The male triangle area is below the navel and the pubic bone, which can be said to be one of the most sensitive areas for most men. Therefore, female friends can start exploring from the triangle area and slowly tease it.

Second Trick: Chest

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Second Technique: Chest

The chest area of both men and women is a very sensitive area. Women friends will treat the man’s chest as a work of art, caress it during sex and give their partners an unprecedented sensory experience.

Third Trick: Ears

What are the secrets to making a man addicted to bed? Never neglect the ears. During foreplay, women should go to their man’s ears, sometimes a simple puff is enough to make the male hormone burst and increase sexual desire. You can choose to ask or suck appropriately.

Fourth Trick: Containing Dragon Root

To conquer a man in bed completely, this trick must be learnt. Know that men can make women climax during foreplay, likewise women can also make men ejaculate during foreplay. Of course, this technique also needs to be learnt deeply; when you have a deep understanding of the skills, you can definitely capture your partner’s heart.

Learning a few secrets of foreplay can help women make men addicted to the bedroom. In fact, the quality of sex directly depends on how good the foreplay is. I dare to say that even if you are a sexual idiot, you can instantly become an expert by learning these few tricks.