Four Kinds of Love That Will Make You Pay the Price for Indulging!

For contemporary young people, marital matters are as ordinary as drinking and eating, mostly harmless.However, few people know that there is a medical term called “sexual intercourse sudden death”, also known as “great discharge of body”, indicating that there is a risk of sudden death in the process of marital life, mainly for men.Dr. Grahamham reported at the Sexual Health Society that three-quarters of cases of “sexual intercourse sudden death” were between non-marital partners and the greater age difference between them, the higher the risk of sudden death.Marital life is a part of normal life and many people do it almost every day without knowing much about it.The exercise intensity of marital life can not be underestimated. Professor Goubo from the Department of Health Science at Xi’an Physical Education College pointed out that this matter itself is an exercise which can help burn calories.A study in Beijing shows that healthy married men and women have peak heart rate throughout the whole process of “papa” and peak blood pressure when awakened, generally no more than 130 beats per minute and no more than 170 mmHg systolic pressure respectively.For ordinary healthy population, the exercise intensity of marital life is equivalent to 3-4 metabolic equivalents like walking at medium speed.But for some older or weaker people, it may be equivalent to fast up-and-down stairs exercise which is dangerous for those with underlying diseases.German 45-year research found that among 99 cases of “sexual sudden death,” only 9 were female and 90 were male, with an average age of 57 years old for male patients.It is not difficult to understand that elderly people’s physical fitness and tolerance decline easily; safety issues in marital life should be paid attention to.There are four situations where forced “work” has higher risk of sudden death:Although for most ordinary people, the exercise intensity during marital life does not affect their lives, it may increase greatly the risk of “sudden death” in the following situations:1) Excessive fatigue;Modern people work long hours in offices or workplaces with great interpersonal pressure and lack exercises while often having insufficient sleep time; their bodies are overloaded by tiredness making them easy target to suffer from “sudden death” if they engage in activities under such condition – similar to intense physical activities2) Too excited or nervous;When one’s spirit reaches high excitement or tension level, his/her heart rate and blood pressure rise unexpectedly; For example – when committing illicit sexual act under anxious state can easily trigger cardiovascular diseases leading to unexpected “sudden death”; therefore – keeping clean all time is advised3) Excessive gap between male & female ages;If there exist wide age gaps between male & female partners during intimate activity then due to high intensive & long period conditions elderly man may suffer from rapid beating heart rate & abnormal vascular contraction leading even to rupturing vessels thus causing “sudden death”4) Suffering existing diseases;Those having hypertension or heart disease before hand may experience increasing blood pressure & overloading hearts operation thus causing excitement leading later on to myocardial infarction or cerebral hemorrhage ; Therefore – those already suffering from basic diseases are discouraged from extreme activitiesTwo things should not rush after finishing intimate activities since they may harm one’s health:1) Male should not pee immediately2) Do not blow wind nor eat cold stuffAfter intimacy human body generates heat dissipation along with sweat pouring out so sudden blowing wind could easily cause cold while cold stuff could hurt stomach membrane