Four men must learn tips and tricks for a better sex life.

Four men must learn the art of living a fulfilling life with two sexes.

Good at finger-pointing skill

Besides sucking, there are no other more creative games between fingers and toes. But you can try to kiss or suck a woman’s fingers during intercourse. A psychologist has pointed out that the combination of hands or feet with the tactile contact of the female sexual organs can create incredible pleasure for some women, derived only from toe massage.

Soft rather than hard.

Some women with physical bodies crave gentle contact, such as caressing, light kissing, licking and even blowing, including the back of the knee, inner arm and thigh and nape. As these positions are made up of very soft tissues they should never be treated in a rough manner. As for one attacking method, you can caress from top to bottom with your fingers, straight stimulation which can excite female sexual desire especially touching the position between thigh and calf then it’s time to take off her stockings and underwear!

Starting the Login Battle

The roots of a woman’s hair is a kind of psychological sensibility, very sensitive to external stimuli. When she feels you’re focusing your attention on other parts, it’s best to give her a touch on the hairline carefully without scratching her fragile scalp. Apply the position of your abdomen and try not to directly touch the skin. But like dragonfly kisses, give her subtle touches to enhance each other’s psychological excitement. If you still can’t understand, you can compare your hand with soft feathers.

Playing Back Attack

The back can also be attacked, such as suddenly having a female partner lie down and then massaging this area. Some experts say there are many nerve endings here with a lot of stress accumulated, so just by massaging it can help relieve the pressure and feel good.

Massage this area with your fingertips using a medium level of force and rhythm. If the woman likes it, she can increase the pressure slightly. If you both like it, you can kiss her back and let her body relax naturally to gradually reduce any resistance to sex.