Four Physical Signs of a Woman Cheating:

1. Changed Appearance: If a woman suddenly changes her clothing style, hairstyle, or makeup routine, it may be a sign she’s trying to impress somebody else.
2. Secretive Phone Calls: Pay attention to any calls that seem private or secretive. It could also be evidence of cheating if the phone is quickly put away when you enter the room.
3. Longer Working Hours: Some women hide their extramarital affair by spending extra hours at work or taking on more assignments as an excuse to stay away from home.
4. Increased Emotional Distance: If your partner starts distancing herself emotionally, then it can be an indication of cheating.
In the blink of an eye, the Qixi Festival is coming, some people are happy and some are sad. Some people use all kinds of excuses for Qixi to have an affair, while others enjoy a happy Qixi. In fact, it is easy to tell when a woman has cheated from her physical performance. So why not take a look before the Qixi Festival? If you see the following physical performances during daily life, then she may have cheated on you. Be careful that she may still be out on dates during the Qixi Festival.

First, pay more attention to appearance. Although married women also pay attention to the outside world, they will not dress up like in love. However, those who cheat will be different. Those who cheat are in the stage of love. She will pay more attention to dressing herself and start paying attention to her appearance. So if you find that she suddenly pays more attention to dress up after marriage, be careful with her!

Second: take shower as soon as home We all know that once people form habits, it is difficult for them to change them. If before they took showers after meals, now they go straight into the bathroom and change clothes as soon as they get home, it may be a sign of trying to destroy evidence of cheating . Women will leave someone else’s smell when cheating , so be careful!

Third: often hold mobile phone When a woman cheats , she will often be obsessed with her mobile phone , just like when she was in love , always looking at her mobile phone . The cell phone is her tool to contact with lovers , afraid of being discovered by you , so always carry your cell phone with you , even if you go into the bathroom .

Fourth: become cold sexually When a woman cheats on someone else , her eyes only have lovers . No matter what you do , she would always say that she feels tired or uninterested in sexual activities . You should know that couples in love usually have harmonious sexual life . Once there is a new sweetheart , there would be gaps in sex aspects too . In fact , there are more signs of women cheating than these mentioned above ; She would come up with various excuses to go out; She would become increasingly unpleasant towards you; and constantly complain about you; In short, it’s quite evident when woman has cheated on someone else, why don’t take a look?