Four Reasons Why Women Have Difficulty Reaching Orgasm:

1. Lack of knowledge about their own bodies and how to bring themselves to climax.
2. Unfamiliarity with their partner’s body and what stimulates them.
3. Anxiety or stress caused by external factors such as work, relationship issues, or outside distractions.
4. Physical issues such as pain or discomfort during intercourse or hormonal problems.
For men and women who engage in sexual intercourse, it is very easy for men to reach climax while women find it hard to do so. Why is this? We know that it takes much longer for women to reach climax than men. Some men can even finish before a woman has any feeling at all. So why is orgasm so difficult for women? Today we will look at the reasons.
Firstly, different climax points – We all know that the climax for men comes much quicker and that after ejaculation their sexual desire quickly dissipates. Women require lubrication in order to reach climax but if their partner cannot satisfy them, then they cannot reach orgasm at all.
Secondly, inadequate foreplay – For a satisfactory sexual experience, foreplay is essential which is equally if not more important than intercourse itself. Good foreplay skills can help women quickly reach orgasm; however if there isn’t enough foreplay then a woman may not have enough time before her partner finishes whilst she has only just begun the experience of sex. Therefore, adequate foreplay is key to help a woman reach climax!
Thirdly, bad influence – Many women find it difficult to achieve an orgasm due to past experiences such as being hurt or violated by another person or experiencing traumatic sexual encounters with past partners. Such negative experiences colour their view on sex and make them lose interest in it which affects their ability to reach orgasm during future encounters.
Fourthly, lack of knowledge about themselves – Many partners don’t fully understand a woman’s body and what areas are sensitive and how they can be stimulated effectively in order to bring a woman closer towards achieving an orgasm .
Achieving an orgasm during sexual intercourse can be described as one of the most perfect experiences however 60% of women have no feelings from sex whatsoever and the various causes listed above are likely the primary reason why some women find it hard to reach an orgasm. Which one applies to you?