Four Signs of Aging in Men: Don’t Take It Lightly

The durability and combat effectiveness of “gun” beneath the hip has always been an important topic for men. They are afraid that they will be “soft” before going to the battlefield. However, with age, all things will age. In life, pay attention to the four signs of aging of men’s gun, don’t look at it but not use it.

Recently, foreign websites have gathered experts in sexology, senior male health care plan physicians, and other sexual love research to summarize 4 “signs of male reproductive organ aging”.

More and more curved.

When men enter middle age, they are more likely to suffer from “corpus cavernosum calcification” also known as “penile induration syndrome”, which causes pain during erection, difficulty in intercourse, and even the penis becoming increasingly curved. It is recommended that patients seek medical treatment actively at this time.

Decrease Sensitivity:

Research reports have suggested that with increasing age, sensitivity to “small head” will also be affected. Although the sensitivity may be lower and erection time may be extended, for some people who need stimulation and teasing to get an erection, it can possibly lead to erectile dysfunction.

“Dimensions will shrink”: The size or measurements of something will become smaller.

At around 30 years old, an American or European man’s penis is typically 15 centimeters long when erect, but by ages 60-70 it may only be about 12 centimeters. In addition, deposits of fatty substances in the penis’s small arteries can impede blood flow and cause the head to “shrink”.

4. “Change of Colors and Appearance”:

Experts in sexology have said that, after a man reaches 40 years old, due to the decrease of blood circulation and metabolism, his hair will gradually turn from purplish-red to light-colored, with even the pubic hair becoming thinner and thinner.