Four things to do on the wedding night to ensure a great first night:

1. Take some time to relax and get to know each other.
2. Spend some quality alone time together without any distractions.
3. Exchange meaningful gifts with each other as a sign of your love and commitment.
4. Enjoy a nice romantic dinner together and maybe share some stories or memories from your engagement period.
Many women are unhappy with their wedding night, leading to a decrease in interest in sex and even indifference. Therefore, it is very important to have a good wedding night. To know that the quality of the first night will directly affect the feelings of couples afterwards, how can we make the first night better? Try these things. The first: Pay attention to hygiene On the wedding night, pay attention to the hygiene of both genitalia. Knowing that it is very busy on the wedding day, both can get a lot of substances, so pay attention to cleaning them up, especially for men’s smegma under the foreskin and women’s vaginal secretions. If not cleaned properly, it will affect health and sexual desire. It is recommended to use warm water for cleaning. The second: Do good work on breaking Some women are virgins on their wedding night due to inexperience and pain after breaking through, which can easily affect sexual experience. Therefore, do well on post-virgin membrane breakdown work such as pain relief or timing of entry and avoid inflammation. Once bleeding after breaking too much should be timely hospital Oh.The third: Reserve sexual knowledge For some people at their wedding night is novice so need enough sex knowledge supporting Oh. For example it is difficult to find orifice or premature ejaculation etc.. In fact these problems will disappear with frequent post-marriage sex life Oh. The fourth: Mutual cooperation Many men are clumsy on their wedding night plus both parties are shy especially female mentally most obvious so male action should be gentle once not successful try several times don’t blindly move around Female friends also actively cooperate which can continuously stimulate sexual desire and also secrete more love liquid making sex perfect oh Actually many people’s first night at the wedding so want a good first night friends should learn to do above things they can make your couple life more strong oh