Gender Must Learn: 20 Super Practical Sexual Techniques

1. Slow and Steady: Take your time and enjoy the sensations.

2. Mix it Up: Experiment with different positions, locations, and scenarios.
3. Talk about it: Communication is key for a successful sexual experience.
4. Touch Everywhere: Explore each other’s bodies by caressing and stroking every inch of skin.
5. Kiss All Over: Start from the mouth but don’t forget to pay attention to the neck, ears, chest, nipples, back and inner thighs too!
6. Playful Teasing: Use light touches and tantalizing caresses all over the body.
7. Oral Pleasure: Experiment with different strokes, pressures, speeds and angles of tongue play on each other’s erogenous zones such as the clitoris or penis head (glans).
8. Make Use of Props: Incorporate toys to add more fun to your sexual experience!
9. Deep Breathing Exercises :Be mindful of your breathing during sex – this can help you stay relaxed and focused on pleasure during sex play!
10. Build up to Climax :Take your time to bring yourself or your partner close to orgasm before stopping for a few moments then resuming again for an even more intense experience!
11 . Mutual Masturbation : Watch each other masturbate or take turns stimulating one another’s genitals manually or orally without penetration in order to explore how each person likes to be touched . 12 . Get Creative : Don’t be afraid to try new things – role playing , bondage , sensory deprivation … get creative ! 13 . Sensual Massage : Give each other sensuous massages using massage oils or lotions for an intimate experience that allows both partners to relax and explore touch further . 14 . Move Together : Experiment with a variety of rhythmic movements that match up with one another in order to create movement-based pleasure together ! 15 . Set the Mood : Make sure that you set a comfortable atmosphere with dim lights , candles , music etc so that both partners can relax into their sexual exploration without fear or judgement . 16 . Keep Things Clean : Hygiene is important – make sure that you keep all of your shared toys clean before and after every use ! 17 . Talk Dirty : Talking dirty can be fun for many couples as it adds an element of surprise and excitement during sex play ! 18 . Foreplay is Essential : Don’t forget foreplay ! It helps build intimacy between partners which will lead to better orgasms in turn ! 19 . Stimulate Yourself First : It helps if you know what kind of stimulation works best for you before trying out any new techniques on your partner – practice alone first if necessary ! 20 . Take Breaks Between Orgasms : Don’t rush through sex – take time between orgasms in order to get aroused again before continuing !
At the beginning of having a sexual life, trying every means to let your partner enjoy pleasure and climax, only to find yourself in trouble? Sex has some complicated skills that need time to practice, especially for beginners. Here are 20 super practical sex skills every man and woman should learn.

Put your partner’s finger in your mouth and gently suck it, then slide in and out. Many men will go crazy for this.

When holding a man’s life root, you can put in a bit more force to ensure that they would like the grip.

Gently lick his ear, moan in his ear, whisper his name with breath, then gently bite his earlobe and the effect will appear immediately.

Watching the other masturbate not only arouses your sexual desires, but also allows you to learn their preferred “techniques” directly.

Even if you don’t particularly like it, most people can be attracted by the expression when kissing. Moaning or trembling can make the other person ecstatic.

Eye contact is very important, both during oral sex and other positions.

Tease his testicles. Try lightly pulling, sucking, or fingering them.

Do not do any actions that you feel uncomfortable with. Sex should be fun and pleasurable, so please be with someone you trust and don’t put yourself in an uncomfortable situation. If the other person wants to do something you do not want to, make sure to clearly tell them.

Even if a woman is already wet, it is better to use a generous amount of lubricant.

Tell your partner what you want. If you feel his foreplay or technique is not enough, you can provide timely hints or personal guidance.

Although one’s own feelings are important, it is also necessary to care about what the other person wants. Communication is key to having a perfect sexual experience.

Learn to adapt on the spot. When having sex, you don’t have to go crazy twisting and turning. Women can try raising their feet during missionary position or apply Kegel force (pelvic floor muscles) in female-on-top position, which might produce different sensation.

When a man’s penis enters the vagina, the woman’s Kegel muscles exert force that can drive the man wild.

Don’t be afraid of laughing. It is ridiculous to discuss sex seriously, so welcome it with an easy and relaxed attitude.

If you have a favorite sex toy, bring it to the bed and add some heat to your intimate activities.

16. Spice up the mood. You don’t have to say anything too explicit or dirty for it to be effective. Even simple phrases like “that feels so good” or “I love it” can help. Appreciating your partner when they do something that you like can encourage them to do it more often.

Don’t forget the power of touch. Sometimes contact and touching each other, or feeling someone touching you, is better than sex.

Do not be afraid of rough bad things. Gently scratch your partner’s back, or gently pull their hair, circle their neck – it will add an extra sense of excitement. Some people like rough sexual behavior while some may not – it is only after trying that one can know its charm.

Don’t be afraid to talk about sex with your friends. If your friends are sexually active, it can be a great help to discuss sex with them. Just like in Sex and the City, talking about sexual life with your gal pals can open up horizons from time to time.

Take it easy. Don’t think about how well you have to perform in bed; this is often subjective. Try letting go, breathing normally and enjoy the moment.