Have You Achieved the 6 Golden Indicators of Perfect Sexual Intimacy Between Couples?

Adults should not be strangers to sex. Generally speaking, sex is a very secret private life, destined not to become a post-dinner discussion for everyone, let alone three or five friends discussing and researching what the perfect sex is. In other words, perfect sex is far away from many people because they think it is an obscure topic and dare not delve into it. Below, we provide 6 golden indicators for perfect sex. Everyone is welcome to check and see if they meet the standard.

Standard One: At least two romantic encounters.

For women, sex does not start with taking off their clothes, but the moment of contact with their partner. According to British sexologist Dr. Bonnie Jacobsen in her book, at least two romantic contacts should be arranged 1-2 days before sex, such as sending small gifts to each other, watching a romantic movie together or sending flirtatious text messages during work time. Such actions will increase the expectation of sexual intercourse and can help women get into the mood faster.

Standard Two: Achieve “Clean, Quiet, and Pure”

Dr. Jacobson said that before having sex, one should “keep the sheets clean, the environment quiet and the mind clear.” Clean and tidy sheets are a necessary prerequisite for sex, with cotton sheets and large-size beds being the best choice. A quiet environment means no noise and no disturbance from family members. A clear mind refers to no distractions, and to not have worries.

Standard Three: Foreplay should last for 6 minutes.

It is important for both parties to have appropriate foreplay, which can help the female vagina produce secretions and help the male enhance erection hardness. Dr. Kurt, an American Michigan psychologist and sex therapist, pointed out that the best “sexual foreplay” should meet people’s visual, tactile, olfactory and auditory needs, teasing words, breathing contact, kisses and caresses … Generally 6-10 minutes is more suitable.

Standard Four: Substantial Love 7-13 minutes

Researchers at Bryn Mawr College in Pennsylvania, USA found that substantive love (genital contact) is most suitable for 7-13 minutes. Over 13 minutes, the male will feel more tired and have difficulty recovering energy; less than 7 minutes, both parties will have a feeling of unfinished.

Standard Five: 10 minutes of post-event hugging

Ignoring the “afterplay” is a common problem among men around the world, but sex without afterplay is incomplete. Professor Ma Xiaonian from Yuxuan Hospital of Tsinghua University’s Sexual Medicine Department suggests giving each other some praise and encouragement after each sexual intercourse, cleaning each other’s private parts, or saying nothing and just embracing for 10 minutes, which can give psychological satisfaction to both parties and deepen their feelings.

Standard Six: Proper Contraceptive Measures

A recent survey conducted by the Jin Sai Institute indicates that practicing contraception can help couples to be more immersed in their sexual activities without worrying about the consequences. Contraceptive pills and condoms are both good options. Of course, if you have decided to have a baby, then just relax and enjoy yourselves.

Perfect love is also scientific love, and these standards are the result of scientific research. If you accidentally meet the requirements, it means that your sexual intelligence is still very high. Don’t worry if you don’t meet certain standards, because no one is perfect, as long as we have goals in our hearts. Of course, if you don’t meet any of the standards, you and your partner should work harder!