Have you grasped the essence of “nine shallow and one deep”?

Nine shallow and one deep refers to making nine shallow penetrations first, letting the woman feel aroused and excited, and then making a very deep penetration. This is called “nine shallow and one deep”. Because during the nine shallow penetrations, the woman can feel the gentle friction of pleasure, and then receive a strong thrust that makes her heart beat and tremble, with the man’s penis reaching deep inside her vagina, making her instantly go into an extremely excited state. The vagina repeatedly expands and contracts. In this way, the man’s thrusting can be felt more vividly with much pleasure, which is the essence of “nine shallow and one deep”.

Ancient people applied this technique in a unique way in the bedroom: they caressed each other gently from fingertips to shoulders, toes to thighs. They started with their big toes and second toes on their feet since nerves are distributed from top to bottom on legs. For hands they started with their middle fingers followed by index finger and ring finger caressing each other alternately. Firstly rubbing palms on back side and then into palm core up to shoulder blade; four fingers devotedly caressed inner arm.

After caressing each other’s hands and feet, the man held tight on woman’s back with his left hand while caressing her sensitive zone with his right hand at same time kissing her. Kisses were also done step by step starting from neck then forehead. Man used his mouth to suck throat area, neck part as well as nipples while biting lady’s sensitive area gently using teeth

Once all of these procedures are completed fully focusing on major body parts of woman, then slowly “nine shallow and one deep” or “eight shallow two deep” intercourse ways can be done which gives great pleasure to both parties leading them to orgasm pleasure.