How does using sex doll really feel?

If you are reading this article, you may at least be considering purchasing a sex doll. You’ve probably looked at dozens of images and measured what you want from them, literally and figuratively.

However, all of these things do not answer the most important question of all: how does sex with your sex doll actually feel? In short, sex with a sex doll feels very close to “real” female intercourse, with a vagina that is elastic and firm and has an internal bump and texture that mimics the texture and firmness of a real vagina and can be used with certain water-based gels that mimic real vaginal lubricants.

The weight and shape of a sex doll can also enhance sex and make you feel like you are with someone else. In this article, we will start with some specific elements and go step by step.

Body parts

Of course, there is no way to solve this problem. Gender is different for everyone. Whether your partner is a sex doll or a real human being, the world is full of people who can barely begin to explain the real sex life of a flesh-and-blood partner.

The first thing you need to know is that the vaginas in all sex dolls are made to mimic the feel of their human counterparts, which means they are meant to be soft, wrapped, and inviting.

Sex dolls can be made of TPE or silicon, depending on the quality of the materials used and the specific construction techniques used. Although TPE is softer and more realistic, silicon is more durable.

Add-ons to enhance the experience

One thing you can learn quickly with a sex doll is that you need to provide hydration to enhance sexual performance.

This can be done in two ways: if your physical doll’s vagina does not have lubricant, you can rinse it with water. Alternatively, a small amount of water-based lubricant can be used; it is usually sold separately.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a perfect partner, you can use water or lube to create that scene and then enjoy the fun it gives you.

Another enhancement that helps increase sexual pleasure is the possibility of a built-in heater. This will exactly be what it sounds like: like a real sex partner, you will warm up the sex doll by heating up the inside of the vagina and all parts of the doll’s body, making the experience more pleasurable and increasing the fun. As the name implies, the built-in heater is a built-in device that is not visible in the sex doll.

Different holes

One of the things that many potential buyers did not think of in advance was that the vagina was not the only source of pleasure during sexual intercourse. You may want to have oral or anal sex with a physical sex doll. Certainly, this particular desire may be related to fetishism for some people.

However, manufacturers have thoroughly reflected on this. Better companies will do their best to ensure that the vagina, anus, and mouth are tight and flexible, so that they can bring the greatest pleasure.

For example, if wearing tight-fitting clothing is a special choice for you, you can make the sex doll feel tension that no real woman can feel.

How do you use physical dolls to improve your sex life?

For many men, one of the biggest draws is that they can do anything with their sex dolls. All the restrictions associated with conventional sexual behavior may disappear, opening up a whole new world of possibilities.

This is particularly attractive to those who have a dominant fetish. If you have always dreamed of controlling women in all possible ways, then the sex doll may become your ideal “companion.”

This is true of almost any sexual fantasy. In fact, the only limit is the range of your imagination. You can design almost any fantasy and proceed, and for real-life partners, the situation is rarely the same.

Specific functions and appearance

One of the most unique aspects of purchasing a sex doll is that you get access to features designed to meet your specific needs. For example, if you prefer a voluptuous woman, you can choose any size cup according to the shape of your nipples. The desired possibilities also involve almost all other functions. Like thick lips? You can make them into dolls. Long legs wrapped around you at the moment of truth?This is also possible. In addition, sex dolls can go beyond other limitations. Sex dolls that look like teenage girls may represent possibilities that are not really available in real life, and you can fulfill any other forbidden fantasies you have dreamed of.

If we’re talking about kissing, your doll has no teeth, so that means you can achieve a level of softness and comfort that you’ve never had before. This also has to do with the lips, as they can be as hard and plump as you want them to be. Kissing is another part of the sexual experience that is often asked about and is a completely different experience from a sex doll.

To summarize, you can get whatever you need in a sex doll to have the sexual experience you’ve been fantasizing about. She will also always be at your service, gorgeous and helpful, and she will continue to serve as your version of the perfect companion. With the right tools and some of our high-quality sex dolls, you can start having this realistic experience today.

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