How long is suitable for the first relationship when dating between a man and a woman? What to do if he does not want to get married?

How long is it appropriate for a man and woman to be together before having their first relationship? What if he doesn’t want to get married? Why do women keep worrying about this problem? It’s because men’s love is not permanent. Giving one’s heart and body to a man only for them to become silent the next day after physical intimacy.

Perhaps because there are too many such cases, it would make women ask such a question.

A few years ago, I started observing the behavior of boys and dividing when it was appropriate to start a sexual relationship according to different types. I proposed different suggestions accordingly. However, based on recent trends, I think it is more realistic to divide according to age groups. If the boy is between 20-30 years old, then it is suggested not to engage in a sexual relationship within six months.

If the man is over 30, after two months of dating, there should be a certain level of intimacy. If it’s dragged out for too long, the man will eventually get exhausted – especially if he is popular and has lots of sexual experience. If after two months there is still no intimacy, then the chances of him leaving are quite high.

What is the mentality of a boyfriend who does not want to get married?

I’ll just be straightforward and say the reason is you weren’t persuasive enough. There was actually sincerity in what the guy said. “I’m not doing this because I don’t like you; I just don’t have any particular feelings about marriage.” Let me analyze the meaning behind those words for you: “It’s better this way, keeping our relationship as it is now; you’re not the one I want to marry!”

“Maybe you’re just wrong?” Don’t question me like that. That’s just the way men are. It’s a fact after they meet a girl once or twice.

He instantly decided whether this girl was suitable for dating or as a wife. If she was judged to be a dating object, there would absolutely be no possibility of getting married. The boy would not have any thought of marrying her. Marriage is something that boys can’t afford to lose out on, which is different from girls.

Divide the boys in the world into two types: those who cannot marry and those who do not wish to marry.

Let’s assume there are no exceptions, and you need to understand the biggest difference between these two types of men: those who cannot get married want to do so but don’t have the means; while those who don’t want to get married are like animals looking for pleasure from women. These men are waiting for a more beautiful and outstanding woman to appear, and they set very stringent requirements for their marriage partners. Imagine that these men are like women waiting for a prince on a white horse to appear.

Is it foolish to choose a man I like instead of one who likes me?

I really want to meet the girl who asked this question- what does it mean when someone says “you’re really stupid” to you? To be honest, it means that you don’t understand the situation at all. If you want to meet an ideal guy, whether it be in terms of appearance or talent, at least one of them must stand out. Don’t you know why there are so many cosmetic surgery clinics? Even in a recession, the weight-loss industry still stands strong?

It is all because modern girls find it hard to survive in the society if they are not pretty enough, so more and more of them try every means to decorate their looks. Do you think those “excellent men” you adore will never have beautiful women around them? In the market of love, it is difficult for less attractive girls to survive. If you want to have a chance at having a romantic relationship with your beloved excellent man, you need to make yourself a charming woman first; otherwise there won’t be any other answer.

The secret of why she is often pursued even though she doesn’t look particularly beautiful?

When a girl is around boys, her attitude and the way she speaks changes drastically from the usual. Other girls would usually say “How disgusting!” But as a boy, I find this type of girl very attractive. Why is that so?

No matter what a man says, this type of girl will give a passionate response, often smiling in agreement, pretending to be shy, act surprised or clueless and play some tricks like this. Most importantly, she knows how to act cute. It often gives men the false impression of “Oh, so she likes me? She’s interested in me?” Of course, she does not only behave like this towards one man – the biggest issue is that she does it to all men.

Boys are very simple creatures, they don’t think too far ahead, especially those boys who are not even willing to be glanced by girls, they usually will be silly and confess to her. Because since birth until now, no girl has ever smiled at them like this before; of course girls don’t just accept him that way, she just enjoys the moment of being confessed to.