How often is it considered normal for middle-aged couples over the age of 30 to share a bedroom?

Maintaining a relationship between couples is the fundamental of married life. Many friends will ask how often to have sex for normal couples. In fact, different age groups have different frequencies. How often is considered normal? Especially after the age of thirty, women are very fierce. Let’s talk about it in detail.

How often to have sex for normal couples? In fact, for most people, the frequency of having sex with their spouse is relatively more important, especially those over 30 years old want to know more. What do you think? In fact, everyone has different desires for sex, so there are still big differences. According to the calculation of young factors and sexual ability in the United States, a formula of sexual frequency was summarized. This formula is suitable for people over 30 years old.

American scholars said that frequency of having sex equals Age (in decade) * 9; The number obtained from this formula indicates days on one hand while frequency on the other hand. For example: A 30-year-old person multiplied 3*9=27 which suggests that there would be 7 times intercourse within 20 days in average—once every 3 days; A 40-year-old person multiplied 4*9=36 which implies that there would be 6 times intercourse within 30 days in average—once every 5 days.

Of course, this formula comes from American data and most people consider it as American habits; Asian and Western cultures differ not only in physique but also diet or lifestyle so reality should always be taken into consideration when deciding the frequency of having sex .

So what’s considered “normal” when it comes to how often couples should have sex? From a modern medical perspective, whether sexual intercourse is suitable or not mainly depends on mutual recognition between husband and wife; both parties should feel pleasant and comfortable after intercourse.

On the Internet there are many questions about concerning having sex; however there are even more questions about its frequency among them. I think twice a week would be a great option as sexual intercourse is supposed to be a process of releasing desire: when your spouse gets filled with desire means it’s time to release it!