How to Control the Frequency of Shyness for Men?

Men, especially those who are not very lasting, often use multiple times in one night to satisfy their partners. Is this really good? Who can do it multiple times in one night? How can men find the right frequency for their married life? Click on the video to find out.

Can men have multiple times in one night? Will it affect health if having too much?

For a healthier and harmonious sexual life, it is best to not feel exhausted while meeting each other’s needs. Therefore, in daily life, one should learn more about the knowledge related to sex and explore with their partner a suitable frequency of sexual intercourse.

Generally speaking, the frequency of sexual life varies according to different ethnicities, regions, social and cultural backgrounds, as well as individual ages, health conditions and psychological states. Everyone’s sexual desire is different, so the number of sexual activities cannot be mechanically determined but should be adjusted appropriately according to the specific situation of both parties. If physical strength is good, it can be done more; if tired or recovering from a serious illness, no or little should be done.

The ideal frequency is for both husband and wife to reach agreement in terms of marriage life, instead of rigidly adhering to a fixed pattern. In reality, most women place more emphasis on emotional communication; the frequency of marriage life can then be used as a reference for physical and mental health as well as the relationship between husband and wife.

No discomfort is the right amount. Physiologically speaking, regardless of gender or age, it is possible to have sex as long as it is not forced and there are no uncomfortable feelings when sexual arousal occurs. There is no need to consider how long it has been since the last time.