How to Make Use of a Sex Doll

  1. Unpack the box, take out the sex doll, and find a two-times larger space, at least 100 cm by 50 cm, to place it in. Do not throw the carton anywhere; keep it well, because later, if you want to send it back to the original factory to repair the broken parts, you will need to keep it.
  2. Remove the plastic paper from the package and check whether the physical doll has been damaged during transportation.
  3. Take the sex doll to the bathroom to be de-oiled. In order to make the sex doll’s body soft, an oil component is injected into the entity doll’s silicone, which also gives the sex doll an attractive aroma. In this way, as time passes, the surface of the sex doll will become oily; therefore, it should be given a bath once a week to remove the oil.
  1. The sex doll should be powdered all over after taking a bath. Use ordinary baby powder. The purpose is to remove the sex doll grease while degreasing and to remove the dirt piece from the body. After that, rinse, de-oil, powder, and then wipe the powder and dirt off the body with a wet towel. Then, after waiting for the sex doll to dry, puff the powder once more to keep the body dry and clean.
  2. When the doll’s hair is dry, find a soft sofa or chair to place it on, and to prevent wear and tear on the fingertips and other places, put stockings on the arms.
  3. Once you are ready for the physical doll, put a condom on your DD, apply the right amount of lubricant, and choose your favorite method.

I believe that you have a better understanding of how to use the doll; only the correct use makes the doll’s life last longer.

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