How to Masturbate Healthily? Mistakes to Avoid for Both Men and Women

Masturbation is a way for many men and women to release their sexual desires. So what are the wrong methods of male and female masturbation, and how to masturbate healthily? When a partner is not around or is single for a long time, many people choose to masturbate. Indeed, moderate masturbation can indeed release the desires in the heart, but the premise is that some wrong methods must not be used. First, using foreign objects for masturbation: Some people like to insert pens, hair clips, plastic threads into the urethra in order to get pleasure and inadvertently cause obstruction of the urethra or bladder neck due to foreign objects leading to difficulty in urination or urine retention accompanied by urinary tract infection which ultimately leads to stone disease of urinary system. Second, sexual asphyxiation: when self-stimulation often accompanied with various methods causing extreme excitement leading to brain hypoxia but improper use has the risk of suffocating death. Third, compressing organs: Some men press their penis down or backwards to get sexual pleasure without seeking ejaculatory climax. As a result of long term use of this kind of self-stimulation causes inhibition of ejaculation resulting in impotence after marriage. Fourthly, lack of moderation: Unmoderated masturbation will also bring negative effects. If someone is always shy, sensitive, listless and solitary viewing masturbation as a means of obtaining satisfaction and relieving tension over relying on it would mean psychological development problems. At this time masturbation has become a reflection of mental disorder, inner conflicts and frustrations being pathological performance. Actually there are benefits from moderated Masturbation not only harmless but also beneficial for men could improve understanding of themselves through masturbation improve sexual sensitivity while avoiding bad contacts under no condition for sex life .But need reminding that excessive masturbation will make genital frequent congestion leads to bacterial or nonbacterial prostatitis causing external genitalia lower abdominal pain etc.. How can one masturbate healthily? Research center experts believe that there are different creativity and diversity in male and female masturbation techniques。For males most commonly done by holding penis with fingers doing piston movement; using fingertip pressing glans is also a method; lying on bed pressing penis against bed up-downing waist making copulative postureis also quite common。Female Masturbation mostly involves touching vulva using sex toys for vaginal Masturbation。Masturbation should also noted safety first do not steal underware clothing used as sex toys it’s fetish instead normal self entertainment second maximize enjoyment from Masturbation besides rich sexual fantasy need comfortable private space pay attention before and after hygiene since Masturbation has its own special expression behavior maintain privacy let enjoyer more relaxed an respect for others