How to overcome shyness for a woman’s first time doing something embarrassing?

Every woman’s first time is spent in a daze and pain, and it is believed that most people are unforgettable in their first shy venture. The shyness and nervousness will accompany them until the end, which seriously affects their sex life. So how to avoid the problem of shyness and tension in the first shy venture? Let’s do the following things.

How to overcome embarrassment? First: be more active

In fact, most people are basically still when they have their first experience because they don’t know what to do. Especially when both parties are more embarrassed about things. At this time, it is suggested that we should pay more attention, explore actively for things, so as to gradually enjoy them. Second: pay attention to hygiene

Many friends are afraid of getting sick when they have their first experience, so there is always distraction or not full-hearted commitment to being embarrassed about something, which leads to sexual desire being affected. In fact, the first time should pay more attention to hygiene, if good hygiene is done then there will be no fear of getting sick, so it is suggested that you take a bath or clean your genitals from both sides, so as to avoid disease. Third: pay attention to feelings

Many men are very rude in their first experience because they are curious and eager for new things. However, if you hurt your companion or destroy her experience during your first time together, it will leave a bad impression on later sexual life. Therefore in the first time we should pay more attention to observing our female friends’ improvement with gentleness; if someone calls out “no” or “it hurts” during the embarrassing situation then that means they mean it and you must stop immediately. Fourth: understand some “quickies”

In fact many couples finish quite quickly during their first experience due to lack of experience; therefore companions need learn how to understand this phenomenon. After all everyone has excitement and inexperience when having their first time together; thus finishing early is quite normal thing too. With increasing sexual intercourse you would find out that this does not qualify as premature ejaculation illness.

In fact when doing something embarrassing for the first time ninety percent of people feel nervous and scared; thus I suggest doing these above mentioned things well so as for having different experiences with sexual lives!