How will lovers end up in the end?

As a sensitive individual, lovers are disdained by many due to the fact that most of them are supported by money and power. It is inevitable for them to encounter many obstacles in the process of being together. So, the question is, how will lovers eventually end up?1. They lose control along the wayDue to frequent separations and reunions, one party may not be sexually satisfied and conflict with the other over time. The excitement and stimulation from cheating makes it hard for them to stop. In addition, when their interests in money and power can’t be fulfilled, one side will sometimes make things difficult for the other, causing both parties to be uncomfortable. The entanglement of feelings never ends; both parties are unwilling to give up on this relationship so it just gets more chaotic.2. They realize something along the wayNo one knows unless they keep all things secret; nothing is impenetrable like a wall. During their companionship, clues must have been exposed sooner or later. Once one side has been discovered, conflicts start escalating. Some may be forgiven but some may lead to a cold war between couples that makes it difficult to sustain the relationship further on.3. They break apart along the wayIn such cases, too many flaws become known that one side cannot take any more; after sober consideration one stops contacting the other while also refraining from clinging onto that person.4. Everything’s gone wrong along the wayIn such circumstances where reconciliation is impossible due to escalated conflicts, once everything becomes public under broad daylight and both families break apart, marriages or divorces occur and things just go south from there on out.To sum up, there are few people who reach an ultimate destination with their lovers; abiding by moral standards and prioritizing family is always the best decision to make in any situation involving love matters