Husband Suspects Wife’s Coquetry with Stranger and Cuts “Rival” in Jinjiang Incident.

On February 27th, Fujian Minnan Health Network reported that a husband suspected his wife had an ambiguous relationship with others and asked the “rival in love” to come out. He then stabbed the person with a knife he brought. On the 26th, Zhang M, who was responsible for the injury, voluntarily surrendered and was taken compulsory measures by Jinjiang police according to law.

Zhang M., 35 this year and from Anhui province, ran a beauty salon with his wife in Yangguang Community, Qingyang Street of Jinjiang. Usually, Zhang’s wife was in charge of managing the beauty salon. Early on January 18th, Zhang heard from others that a man surnamed Lin often came to his wife’s beauty salon; he felt something was wrong. After secretly checking his wife’s WeChat account, he found that they were in frequent contact and suspected there was some ambiguity between them. Zhang then contacted Lin asking him to come out to resolve this matter.

Around 4 o’clock in the morning on that day, Zhang found Lin and injured him with a kitchen knife he had brought before fleeing away. According to appraisal results, Lin’s injury is at least slight. After receiving alarm call, Jinjiang police used Zhang‚Äôs family members and friends to counsel him. In the afternoon of February 26th, Zhang returned from Xiamen to Jinjiang and surrendered himself.

After interrogation, Zhang confessed to intentionally injuring Lin without hesitation. Under the mediation of policemen, Zhang compensationed medical expenses for Lin ,and was taken compulsory measures by police according to law because of being suspected intentional injury .