In a relationship between two people, when a woman calls you “brother,” it usually means one of the following six things:

1. She considers you to be a close friend.
2. She is grateful for your help.
3. She wants to show that she trusts you as if you are family.
4. She may have feelings for you but does not know how to express them directly.
5. She is trying to tease or flirt with you without making it too obvious.
6. She does not take your relationship seriously and wants to keep it platonic.
Calling you “brother” has both deep and superficial intentions. Only by finding out the fundamental reasons and concrete intentions of why a woman calls you “brother” can you make decisions properly during the interaction.

First, discover your current or future utilization value. If your utilization value is not only high, but also lasts for a long time, the woman will call you brother in a sweet tone; if your utilization value is not only low, but also lasts for a short period of time, the woman will call you brother in an awkward tone. Women follow the scale of utilization value or its duration to call you “brother”, which corresponds to near or far relationships with you.

Second, become an unnamed close brother. Before officially recognising that you are her distant brother, the woman may complain to you about her sorrows and regrets at not having a close brother since she was young; she envies those who have one. The innate deficiency will make her try to make up for it in the future. Her complaints are side-hitting; they prepare for you mentally before she declares her definite intention when she thinks it is mature enough. No matter in the past, present or future, calling you “brother” means treating you as a close brother.

Thirdly, women are developing markets. Those working in sales-related industries will not tell you what industry they are in at first unless asked by yourself; instead they get used to making friends with you first before turning customers from friends afterwards; whether they persistently call themselves “brother” or not depends on whether there’s cooperation intention between both sides or not – if no cooperation was reached eventually then frequency of calling oneself “brother” would drop from extremely high to extremely low until forgotten eventually.

Fourthly, corresponding greeting according to relative age gap. Women usually compare your age with hers so that calling each other “brother” is simply how we address each other without any feelings involved; if one reads more than meets into it then it would be being overly sentimental unnecessarily.

Fifthly, women sending out autumnal signals subtly They would add something extra when calling each other “brother”; either ask what standards do they have on girls they like in general or ask their opinion towards her specifically as almost confessing feelings towards him; whether the relationship warms up to boiling point or cools down to freezing point depends on his feedbacks .

Sixthly,local customs Some places have custom of addressing all elderly females as “elder sisters” and all elderly males as “elder brothers”; even after leaving hometown this custom still persists unconsciously so when involving such custom there is understanding involved .

In conclusion: You should take every situation into consideration objectively rather than listening selectively when someone calls oneself “brother”. Then only can one figure out precisely why that person calls oneself “brother”