In daily life, what kinds of novelty items are there that cannot be bought?

Many people now buy some sex products to enhance the fun of their sexual life, but in fact there are some that are not worth recommending. Today, let’s briefly introduce which sex products are not worth buying. In fact, what products are not worth buying is mainly because in recent years some products often exaggerate their effectiveness when they are promoted. This is also because sex products have gradually become necessary in many families in our country.

For the process of sex products entering more families, although it brings some novel experiences and feelings to many users, it also brings many troubles. What sex products are not allowed to buy? This mainly results from blind buying and random use of related sex products, which only has disadvantages but no benefits. In fact, for many buyers there is a mistake, underestimating their own and their partner’s sexual ability. For example, there are some products in the sex products that claim to have therapeutic effects on impotence, so some people who feel inferior about their own sexual ability will flock to them.

Most of the buyers think that they have poor performance and impotence, but according to relevant professional medical research, 90% of impotence patients are caused by mental factors without any organ lesions. However, in the advertisement of some sex products, it is written that it can promote longer and larger penis, which attracts many buyers. But when we do a practical investigation on such products, we will find that the effect is not significant. And using such products may cause damage to the reproductive organs. For these problems, professionals say that blind self-doubt can only lead to some bitter fruits. In fact, for real male sexual dysfunction, simple sex products cannot solve it effectively. However, most consumers in China are not aware of this, while in foreign markets, most of these sex products are used by women rather than men because these products are difficult to solve male sexual dysfunction.