In marriage, various situations may arise if a woman is not sexually satisfied over a long period of time.

Faced with multiple pressures, some people choose to stick it out, while others choose to compromise. Many people choose reality over love when faced with reality and love. Why? Let’s hear what these ladies have to say! Ms. Liu, 32 years old, married her husband for six years. During those six years, Ms. Liu has not enjoyed a day of married life because her husband had a girlfriend before. The two were childhood sweethearts, but her husband’s mother disagreed and threatened death if they stayed together.

With no other choice, Ms. Liu’s husband followed his mother’s arrangement and married Ms. Liu in an arranged marriage; Ms. Liu was given a large dowry by her parents regardless of whether she agreed or not and so she nodded in agreement out of gratitude for their caregiving throughout the years. Not long after the wedding, Ms. Liu got pregnant and the couple slept separately ever since; her husband fulfilled his parents’ wish but never touched her afterwards even during her pregnancy, leaving Ms. Liu leading a nanny-like lifestyle with no marital life – just taking care of children and doing house chores day after day – leading to tears as she walked around the park in secret until she met a lover who came to comfort her and slowly developed into an underground relationship between them; without any guilt towards her husband who had never loved her anyway being still stuck on his previous girlfriend – she decided to stay with him due to their relationship so none felt wronged in the end – nothing more than playing around according to herself and still loving him – which he finally agreed upon in love even though he was very hurt by this affair..

Ms Sun is another case; beautiful and attractive at thirty with many people chasing after her – as if they could run twice around the city when they saw here – enjoying every moment of being chased as well as feeling superior among everyone else before having an accidental affair with a model who was also very good looking having made Sun instantly mesmerized – soon enough starting an open relationship between them no longer caring about how it would affect her husband who believed that Sun would always come back home someday just playing around – until one day Sun moved into a new place together officially with him leading to their divorce which she refused yet claiming that she only played with him that she still loves him… Her husband agreed anyway since he still loved this woman too much even though he was deeply hurt…

Lastly there’s Mrs Left who married for ten years living happily ever after with kids until one day when disaster struck as Mr Left got injured at work breaking his leg unable to work from then on leaving Mrs Left responsible for working hard outside while taking care of household chores at nights leading to loneliness and emptiness once night arrived not daring to show such emotions out of respect for his pride suffering silently like this before finally having several affairs which were all kept secret from Mr Left all of them ending up eventually going back home each time satisfying herself in the arms of lovers…

Every person has different ways of living so there’s no need forcing yourself into something you don’t agree – do whatever you want depending on your own thought process! What do you guys think? Give us your opinion in our comment section below!