Kissing expresses love and has health benefits for wellbeing.


Couples in the throes of passion and harmonious married couples alike have no better way to express their deepest emotions than by kissing. Besides expressing love, what are some of the advantages of kissing?

Sexologists say that kissing is not only a way to express love, but also has health benefits!

1. Kissing promotes circulation
Surprised? Men and women’s heart rates rise significantly during a kiss. It’s almost like you just ran a kilometer! Shyer men and women can experience facial flushing, nervousness, or even incontinence. This helps promote blood circulation and internal blood supply.

2. Increases vitality
If you were feeling listless before being kissed, your partner could come up and say “Darling, I am giving you my strength” before planting a solid kiss on your lips – suddenly feeling more active and energetic?

3. Beauty enhancement
When someone kisses with deep passion they enter into a trance-like state where lips, teeth and mouth all work together as one. There is a set of muscles in both the facial area and oral cavity which are activated when we frequently kiss – stretching wrinkles and exercising facial skin – delaying aging and wrinkle formation for beauty enhancement effects.

4. Weight Loss
This may seem impossible but believe it or not – kissing for two minutes can burn 15 calories per minute! If you often participate in those kissing marathons that last an hour or more – expect an impressive weight loss (laugh).

5. Pain Relief Have you seen the movie Deep Seated Rainy Night? It tells the story of how Ruping helped Du Fei complete his surgery without anesthetic by kissing him to reduce pain sensation. Recently a German study showed that the more passionate the kiss – the more endorphins released into our bodies acting as a natural painkiller! 6. Reduces tension and increases confidence & pleasure Kissing can transfer proteins within seconds stimulating brain cortex to overcome fear, depression and frustration feelings. Additionally people get emotional when they kiss resulting in secretion of adrenaline which brings whole body into pleasurable states, inhibiting negative tension hormones like cortisol . Thus people feel very pleased when they kiss! 7. Reduce periodontal disease risk As kissing is not just lip-to-lip contact , it also activates overall body activity factors so it helps improve oral cavity environment through saliva factors reducing occurrence of periodontal diseases or cavities . In addition , science has proven that regular kissing can reduce blood pressure , stabilize cardiovascular system , lower cholesterol levels . Wow ! Kissing is indeed quite magical !