Kissing is a way to express love, and it can also have health benefits.


Lovers in their honeymoon and harmonious couples express their warmest emotions by kissing. Besides expressing love, what are the benefits of kissing?
Sexologists say that kissing is not just a way to express love but also have health benefits.
1. Kissing can promote blood circulation. Surprised? The heart rate of both men and women will increase significantly during the kiss, as if they have just run one kilometer. Shy lovers might experience blushing, feeling hot and even rushing to the bathroom due to anxiety. This will facilitate blood circulation and supply blood throughout the body.
2. Adding vitality to the body: Before a kiss, people may feel listless; when their partners come over and say “Darling, let me give you power!”, then follow up with a strong kiss, would you feel more active and energetic?
3. Beauty care: When deeply involved in a kiss, people enter into an ecstatic state with lips, teeth and mouths altogether; medically speaking there is a group of muscles around this area that get exercise when often kissed upon, stretching wrinkles and exercising facial skin so as to delay aging process and wrinkle formation for beauty effects.
4. Slimming: It sounds incredible but it’s true that over two minutes of passionate kissing can burn up 15 calories – if your kisses last much longer than one hour then you’re sure to lose some weight! (Laughs).
5. Pain relief: Have you seen “Deeply In Love Rainy Days”? There was a scene where Ruping used her kiss to help Du Fei complete his surgery without anesthesia to relieve his pain sensations; recent German research shows that more intense the kiss is, more endorphin released from body which works like an analgesic pill for once strong kiss-produced hormone effectivity.
6. Easing off tension while boosting confidence & joy: During a kiss various proteins are transferred within seconds which stimulate cortex area of brain for overcoming fear/depression/despair feelings; when emotionally touched people will secrete adrenaline which brings entire body into joyful state by inhibiting negative tensional hormones-cortisol thus making people feel delighted during the kiss session.
7 . Lower periodontal risks : As kissing does not only involve physical contact but also activates whole-body reaction factor so it can improve oral environment by saliva activity factors thus reducing periodontal diseases or tooth decay from occurring