Kissing Techniques to Capture a Man’s Heart! A Kiss to Turn the Tide.

The most intimate contact between men and women starts with a kiss. Women’s lips make men unable to resist, and kissing is an irresistible temptation for men. Kissing techniques ignite a man’s craziness! What kind of kiss do men like? Let the editor teach you the kissing techniques to capture a man’s heart! A kiss makes all the difference.

To capture a man’s heart, first learn how to kiss technique, understand the habits and taboos of men kissing, make men crazy for you, if you want to win his heart act quickly.

Before a kiss: Eye contact with affectionate eyes will make him difficult to resist, whether you are in a hot love relationship or married for many years, before kissing, men will hope that you can look at him. Before the kiss, eyes meet and face conveys emotion. Such a look will make men restless, but remember that during the course of the kiss do not stare at him anymore, men don’t like it. So before kissing, give him a flirtatious glance first, then gently rub his cheek with your fingers. Believe that the next hot kiss will make you both more intoxicated.

When kissing, pay attention: Men hate it when women put two thoughts in one while kissing. If you suddenly say something to him or talk about something irrelevant while kissing, it will make him feel terrible and kill his mood. Men want to get recognition from women and they can sense your lack of concentration during a kiss, which can make them feel their pride is hurt and morale dropped. So be sure to focus when kissing. You can occasionally imagine him as someone who can stimulate your passion, but it’s best not to let him know your little secret.

Kissing should have a beginning and an end: passionate kisses are not liked by men, they prefer a gradually warming kiss rather than one that ends abruptly. So when starting you can just try it lightly and take a gentle and romantic approach, first with your tongue gently probing and then gradually increase the strength and depth to eventually become a hot kiss, this process will make them feel more excited.

Do not give him a chance to get what he wants; seize the initiative from time to time and give him a gentle kiss before quickly avoiding him. This kind of teasing can stimulate men more. So learn to do some funny little tricks with your tongue, and occasionally lightly kiss his lips when he is not paying attention, then quickly retreat, which can even more arouse his desire.

Make him understand your feelings: Kissing is a matter for two people, and it’s sweet when both can enjoy it. So you can put in more effort and show a little consideration when kissing. Men like visual effects, so when kissing him you can suddenly break away from him and then look into his eyes for a while, let him see the way you are aroused, which will make him more fascinated. Then lick your lips and kiss him again. This approach is believed to make many men can’t resist.

Switch roles and take the initiative: French kissing can be soul-stirring, and it helps you understand each other’s emotions more. Men like challenges, so you can switch roles and take the initiative occasionally to ignite his desire to conquer. But remember not to be too active; don’t let him obey all your orders or he will get tired of it soon. So the best way is to make him feel you are on the offensive at first, then let him feel that you are gradually surrendering to him.

No matter when, men need to be affirmed to satisfy their male self-esteem. Therefore during kissing, making “mmm” sound can show him how happy and good his kiss makes you feel. Occasionally moaning softly can boost his morale even more.

Kiss His Ears: Where is the most sensual area on a man’s body? Actually, the ears are one of the most sensitive spots. Occasionally giving him a gentle lick or slipping your tongue into his ear can make him become aroused and uncontrollably excited. Or whisper softly in his ear while lying close to him; this will make him feel even more extraordinary.