Knowledge about Male-Female Marriage and Family that Cannot be Ignored:

1. Mutual respect between husband and wife is the foundation of a harmonious family life.
2. Both parties should maintain understanding, trust, communication and cooperation in their marriage relationship.
3. Parents should pay attention to their children’s mental health and guide them correctly in their growth process.
4. The family should have reasonable regulations to ensure the normal daily life of all members of the family.
5. Each member of the family needs to establish a sense of responsibility for their posts and fulfill their duties accordingly to ensure the smooth operation of the family system.
The legal marriage age is 22 years old for men and 20 years old for women. The documents needed to get married are both parties’ originals of identity cards and original household registers.The common properties of a husband and wife include wages and bonuses, incomes from production or business, income from intellectual property rights, the property acquired from inheritance or gift except the property clearly indicated as gift for one party, and other properties that should be jointly owned. The government authorities to handle agreement divorce could be either the civil affairs department of either party’s household registration location or the original marriage registration authority. The documents needed for agreement divorce are both parties’ originals of identity cards, original household registers, original marriage certificates, several one-inch bareheaded photos. The legal reasons for court judgment divorce (lawsuit divorce) are: (1) remarriage or cohabiting with someone else while still having a spouse; (2) committing domestic violence or maltreatment or neglecting family members; (3) persistently engaging in gambling, drug abuse and other vices; (4) living separately due to incompatible emotion for two years; (5) other situations leading to breakdown of marital relationship. The reasons for claiming mental damage compensation are: (1) remarriage; (2) cohabiting with someone else while still having a spouse; (3) committing domestic violence; (4) maltreating and neglecting family members. The legal reasons for one party to not sharing or share less in common properties are when he/she conceals, transfers, sells off or destroys the common properties, or fabricates debts to seize the other party’s property illegally. The issue of child custody usually lies with women for children under two years old; between two to ten years old it depends on which parent can provide better growth environment after considering their educational capability, economic circumstances, job status, personality characteristics etc.; above ten years old it depends on the preference of the child. Child allowance should be determined based on actual needs of children as well as ability of parents to pay and actual living standard in local areas. For those with fixed income, generally 20%-30% percent will be allocated each month as allowance. For those taking care of more than two children there is room for adjustment but generally should not exceed 50% of total monthly income. For people without fixed income allowance will be determined according to total annual income or average income in same industry using aforementioned percentages as references. Special circumstances may lead to increase or decrease these percentages accordingly. Child allowance should usually be paid each month until the child reaches 18 years old.