Male and Female Love: 10 Questions Men Most Want to Ask Women About Love

Men: Do women prefer to make love with men who are more daring in terms of sexuality?

Women: We know these kinds of men only appear in novels. In reality, we more often love gentle and kind men with strong sense of responsibility, giving us a sense of security and reliance; they are truly the sexy ones.

Man: Is it better for women if cuddling lasts longer?

Women: Compared to men, it does take women longer to be aroused. However, this is not innate but can be reshaped and we look forward to the change. In fact, if men keep delaying getting into the “topic”, it can make us feel frustrated.

3. Men: Will a woman’s pleasure be affected if a man wears a condom?

Women: Having a layer of rubber condom between does not increase or decrease the pleasure for women. We hope men wear condoms during intercourse mainly for safety. If sex involves risk, there is certainly no joy to be had.

Man: How do women view non-traditional sexual practices?

Woman: Women also have a need to try new ways, but these sexual positions must be healthy, safe, and make both parties happier. We need our partners to seek our consent beforehand!

Man: Do women like making love under the light?

When we first go to bed, we don’t suggest turning off the lights immediately, because seeing the smile on our lover’s face under the light makes us more joyful. But if we turn off the lights afterwards, visual senses will give way to physical feelings and make women more focused, allowing them to enjoy it to its fullest.

Man: Why do women have to fake orgasms?

Woman: For many women, an orgasm is not necessarily a part of pleasurable sex. But sometimes we pretend, out of the idea that “only those women who easily become aroused are attractive to men”. Of course, sometimes we just want to end the sexual act faster.

Man: What does a woman think about when making love?

Woman: If it was an unenjoyable sexual encounter, we would think, why did it have to end this way? Or, we might think of the man or male celebrity that we are attracted to and get excited.

Man: Do women always have to be passive?

Women: We always appear to be passive because our way of actively proposing sexual intercourse is more implicit, such as washing up early in the evening and getting ready for bed; wearing a very sexy undergarment when going to bed and deliberately or inadvertently showing it to the man…We are strategic.

Men: After sex, what topics do women like to talk about with men?

Women: We like any topic, including discussing details of sex. After the act, talking about what just happened and listening to each other’s feelings doesn’t make women feel uncomfortable, but they don’t like men who chatter endlessly.

Men: Does a woman get jealous when a man masturbates?

If the relationship is normal or good, the woman won’t get jealous because self-pleasuring is a normal sexual behavior. However, if our relationship isn’t too good, then when a man goes away to self-pleasure without her knowledge, she will get jealous, and even feel insecure and sad.