Many people want to know what the functions and principles are of the current adult sex toys?

Many men are troubled by the problem of being too short in bed, and they hope to change it in various ways. Many men with these problems will consider using adult sex products. Of course, many men will consider whether the products sold on the Internet are drugs. Regarding this issue, most delay products currently sold domestically are mainly health care products. Compared with some drugs that treat functional disorders, these delay products are more convenient to buy, and any adult can buy and use them to increase certain fun.

Some friends are curious about the principles of these adult sexual products. In fact, for these delay products, their effects and principles are relatively simple, which is to increase the sensitivity of genital nerves and accelerate the conduction of nerve impulses. However, not all products have the same effect. Due to different ingredients, the ultimate principles of action are also different. If delay products use western medicine ingredients, most of them add anesthetics. This kind of product usually has a strong taste of alcohol or stimulating taste, which can paralyze nerves and inhibit nerve conduction, thus achieving the purpose of prolonging time.

For adult products containing Chinese medicine ingredients, they would feel milder when used and will not paralyze the nerves. It just affects the physical level through drugs, without stimulating human cells or having discomfort. The harm to the users’ bodies is also relatively small. If some effective components are extracted from plants, the stimulation to human body will be even less. In fact, most of these delay products are health care products and they cannot achieve the effect of curing diseases permanently. They can only temporarily reduce nerve sensitivity to achieve a delaying effect, but cannot change the problem that some male friends have short sexual intercourse time fundamentally. Using such products can only relieve symptoms for a short time and cannot cure diseases fundamentally. Of course, improper use of such products may cause long-term dependence on them. If medication is stopped, it may even shorten their sexual intercourse time and may even cause erectile dysfunction.